Seven outfits for a three day that! You look amazing in every one,

A great reason to wear those gorgeous clothes and sometimes it doesn't have to be about restraint....A wonderful tradition for DH & You!
Who knows what was going on behind the scenes at the restaurant that night... glad you at least know it wasn't the norm for them...
Fabulous outfits love them ALL!

Stunning all of them! #8 is my favorite.

Yay a Suz win post! I love seeing your travel posts, because your outfits can be so different but still look like you. You look incredible in all of these of course.

I'm most struck by 8, as it looks so wonderful on you despite being boxy-over-boxy. It's not overwhelming you at all. Hmmm. I'll have to do some experiments I think with my wide legged linen trousers.

Suz you really look beautiful in all of these outfits! But I must say that #8 is my favorite. The saturated colors and fluid lines look cool crisp and fabulous on you. You inspire me with your combinations and color choices.

Suz, did you have a lot of fun in Stratford? We have driven there once and did a very brief stopover. I loved how gorgeous that little town is! I've always wanted to visit just to see some theatre as well. What did you guys see?

As always, you look fabulous

#4, 5 and 9 are outfits I've seen you wear a lot. #4 and 5, I especially love that dress #9 looks super comfy and love that happy lavender colour! Excellent choice for a train ride too!

Love the artful layering on #2-3. I really like the floral blouse peeking out of the sweater!

#8: the colour of the top is gorgeous!

Hope you had a fun mini vacation!!!

Wow Suz, each and every outfit is gorgeous! I particularly admire the dresses, Okalas and the clutch, so much fun!

I am sorry about the dinner and theatre msihap, but at least the restaurant apologized and you have anexcuse to go there ( and dress up ) again.

Suz, exactly--why not? It's so easy to pack maximal, with summer clothes.

Sharan, that is so right! In winter, maximal packing is a much bigger headache!

Tanya, I like the way you think!

Ms. KK, we saw a ton of plays. I'll tell you the ones we loved: King Lear, Mother Courage, and Crazy for You. The latter is SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Angela and E. -- thank you. I think it's the cut that prevents the boxy over boxy from overwhelming. The trousers are tapered (and rolled). E -- you might be able to get the same effect by pegging a wider pant. And the top is very structured up top. The neckline is clean and so are the armholes -- it's quite snug there, and floats out at the bust. But there's not a lot of extra fabric in front. Most of the drapiness is in back. I do wonder about the side view with these pleated pants. But let's not think about that.

Add me to the list of admirers for this week's worth of clothes! I love how consistent your look is, but not boring. You use colour well, and the odd bit of pattern just to keep it interesting and fashion forward. I keep reading about and seeing this tube skirt, and am now convinced I have to have it. I would never have thought a striped knit skirt would suit anyone other than a 6-ft tall teenage supermodel, but it looks like such a useful piece! Thanks again for the inspiration - we are of similar age (I think) and look and I can see how I could wear pieces I would have shied away from (the tube skirt again, and the cropped sweater) . I'm off to Toronto shortly for a 3 day business excursion, and already stressing a bit about what I will pack that will reflect this new mission I'm on to pay more attention to detail and to develop a more consistent look. You are a good help with this! Regards....

Sometimes a gal just cannot pack light. How fun that you were able to sport so many different looks on a trip. My favorite is #3. The floral print peeking out from the cropped sweater is lovely! Sorry dinner and the show was a bust. But at least you enjoyed time with Mr. Suz.

Crazy for You! Love that show, with all the fancy tap dancing! I got to see it on Broadway and go backstage afterward. The leads (Jodi Benson was one) were tiny, but there wasn't a chorus girl under 5'10". Fascinating!

Your outfits show such beautiful relaxed elegance. I'm loving your next print top in the second outfit -- the colors and scale are so beautiful. I know you say you've purchased more this season, but you didn't just get more "stuff." You've come away with a well-functioning wardrobe that goes everyone you want to go and then some.

How will this awesome season change the way your dress this Fall/Winter?

Great oufits! I would never look this good on vacation.

My favorite is 6. I love how everything is simple and streamlined, yet there is some softness because of the top's drape. And I love the high contrast.

What a wonderful collection of outfits, you're a master at choosing the perfect items for the occasions. Sorry about the Sat. night disappointments, but glad you had a nice time and visit overall. I love all your shoes!

You look fantastic for your get-away weekend with Mr. Suz. Seeing the way you were dressed for your pre-theatre dinner, makes me think that you should have been sent a "take-out" bag to go with you to the theatre and they should have "tipped" you for making the restaurant look so good while you waited to get nothing.

No one travels as stylishly as you do, Suz. You've got it down. Love all your selections.

P. S. There's not a wrinkle to be seen in your navy linen pants. How do you do it? I know: With an iron! ?:)

Wow! I just really love seeing everything you wear. The quality, fit and styling are impeccable. (And of course I always love your hair!)

All stunning Suz!
The Crew linen pants are so good, and your crop Zara sweater styling is being stored in my mind for the warmer weather here.

Suz, you are so lovely!

I oohed and aahed my way through all of these. I love the pink crop top and you do sheath like dress to perfection!

Oh Suz I'm just going to call you my mentor, straight out. I love everything you wear - and you wear it all SO well! You absolutely sing in that pink sleeveless top. Wow. I love every.single.outfit. So nice to pull out the dresses as well - it all looks so effortless for you. Thanks for sharing - and bad luck on missing dinner!!! Jeez

Killer all round. I can't pick a favourite, Suz. The radiance and brilliance of your inner beauty shines through to your style - and THAT is as stylish as it gets. Hope you and Mr. Suz had a wonderful time. xo