For those of you who saw the multi-way Periwinkle Pouf silk blouse that was my March splurge -- I knew I had to have a dress "sibling" made. I had a few Peri haters IRL but they are much more fond of Peacock. I figure it's a bonus if I sway a few YLFers.

The right fabric in my colors finally turned up -- a silk Haute Hippie print (thanks 40% off coupon) with crazy, randomly-sized peacock feathers. I think my sewist did an AMAZING job working with the pattern placement.

[I believe all my other print items are small with a regular repeat, so this is way out of the box, ha.]

To address some of the less-than-perfect issues with Peri, I had a fair bit of volume taken out. On the downside, fewer gathers. On the plus, a bit easier to manage on my frame.

Photo 1: V-neck halter style, shown from the back
Photo 2: Reversed (keyhole in back), shown front and back
Photo 3: A quick attempt at tunic style, with skinny jeans and lavender patent sandals
Photos 4-5: From the side (with DIY metallic'd sandals) + "modeling" original fabric + terrible pic of V-neck halter style

Photo 6: The Periwinkle Pouf blouse that started it all...more here: