This is a thread born of a few things:

* my currently INFLATED ego due to all the nice comments YLFers left on my recent Vancouver BC trip thread

* discussions Suz and I have had about some similarities in our taste, and her continued efforts to add more architectural pieces to her wardrobe while still dealing with other looks she likes

* CocoLion's comment on my trip thread that it was unusual-but-nice to see several of my style pics in one place

That last one surprised me since I feel I am *constantly* spamming threads -- especially style persona ones -- with multiple photos. But it's true I don't initiate many, so I see where it could be hard to catch 'em.

So with Suz's prodding [<---- bus wheels meet Suz]

...I'll try to structure this thread to show how a lot of my pieces move in and out of my 3 somewhat arbitrary and oft-blurred personas.* I find it super-easy to assess my potential purchases by weighing them against the 3 phrases below.

First up: 3 photos to roughly illustrate personas.

1. Minimalist Magpie
(illustrated with jewelry, and my 4 "desert island" pieces)

2. Contrarian Classicist
(illustrated with standard dress pants and a horn purse + a custom-made faux-sarong knit dress)

3. Persnickety Bohemian
(illustrated with my ancient silk maxi-dress topped by a T)

Next post: How by shopping with my persona categories in mind, a lot of my outfits end up as Vaguely Vintage or Barely Boho.

* To come up with a persona, I followed a cheat sheet for the Style Statement book -- then I added 2 more of 'em.