gryffin - yes, I love grey outerwear, and just realized I have two lightweight wool coats I should have been wearing the past 2 months. I got so enamoured with my two new long coats (the quilt and the long shacket) that I completely ignored everything else. LOL!

Angie and Janet - re hair growth - don't forget I've got 10 years on you which makes a big diff in growth rates . My hair used to need trimming at the neck and sides every 2-3 weeks and a full cut every 5. Now - I can get away with much less often. It's also thinning like crazy, which makes styling really difficult. Oh quit complaining about your hair, Lisa.

I love this look, Lisa. Of course, I love neutrals. The camel colour is so flattering with your hair. I am rarely hot in the winter. Always cold.

What a great fall outfit! I love the coat with your hair and with the grey and black. So harmonious and perfectly autumnal! Fab with the boots and the structured bag, as well.

You and the amazing shoes - always! Such a great way to freshen up a look.! Love that sweater - looks so luxe - and the quilted coat!