YLF Lisa! This is a very sharp silhouette on you. Love that you brought out the sparkles, and as usual am very impressed by your attention to detail in your accessories (including lips and nails)

Thanks again all - I feel a little chagrined for posting a picture of the blouse and pants without the coat. It wasn't intended to be an outfit on it's own. No way would I wander around with that kind of blouse hanging over a pant : the proportions are all wrong plus it looks unfinished. The coat was the outfit here - the blouse was just something underneath

Ms Eye Candy - thanks for commenting, and nice to meet you ! I'm all about pattern mixing and this skull scarf is a staple in my wardrobe. It's not everyone's cup of tea, and that's just fine with me In person, the prints work really well together because of the colours and the pattern scale .

Your hair is now the PERFECT colour for you. Especially with olive!! And can I say that those pants look sharp and tailored and fit like a dream!! they look awesome with those sneaks. where are they from?

That coat is really great, and the pattern mixing is very cool. I will admit that I'm not enamored of many of the cropped pant styles but that's just me and I totally support everyone wearing what they like! I can't begin to keep up with your makeup, nails, hair color etc...but I love watching what you do with it all. I may check out that lip gloss....

Love it - fab details - very cool. Definitely one to repeat!

Roxanna - I have been stalking these pants for the better part of year at the Kate Spade outlet - and finally pulled the trigger on a recent big % off promo. They are very tailored, and the fabric is exceptional . Like a heavy stretch crepe. They aren't for lounging around and relaxing though - I will say that. They are pretty high waisted, and with a side-zip entry, making them quite form-fitting. One needs to suck it in and stand up straight in these ones

Chris - makeup , hair and nails are my life I should have been a hairstylist - lol.

What a great coat! I love it on you. Perfect for your style. The outfit is modern, sharp and polished and the sneakers and pattern mix make it also fun. Love the manicure, too.
Lisa, it is so fun to have a fragrance of the day, I might just start with that