Well hello ladies, it sure has been a long time! *BIG HUGS* to everyone, I've missed you all. Long story short: I needed a fashion break, and went on auto-pilot with dressing the last 6 months. I even repeated a few outfits! (It was hard.) Luckily my wardrobe was in a good enough place, with enough fashion forward pieces, that it didn't feel like taking a step back stylistically (though certainly not a step forward) and I promise I was still representing YLF well. Maybe I'll post those outfits up sometime. It was good for me; I still managed to learn lots of things about myself and my wardrobe, and felt good enough about what I was wearing without purchasing anything new or following any particular trends beyond what I'd wanted to at the start of spring. But enough about that, a month ago I started feeling the fun return so here I am

And here's what I wore over the week! #1 was for a birthday dinner outing for my brother-in-law. #2-5 are work outfits. Special note for #4 which I also wore to a trunk show (my first!) with a friend who knows the designer, which was a lot of fun; the brand is "Lu." (it was the debut of the line) and I bought an interesting blouse which will pop up in a WIW soon I'm sure. Also that top has sparkly threads, though you can't tell in the photos. And the booties in #2 looked much more dramatic when not flanked by giant maple leaves of the same colors ^^ Nothing super fancy or different or experimental here, and these are all pieces you might remember from before.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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