(For my YLF blog! Hope you gals don't mind me posting the photos twice ^^)

Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River, Southwest Tasmania, Australia by Peter Dombrovskis

Well after a few days of hectically colorful outfits, today I was in the mood for something simpler. I had a completely different outfit planned that used my new white skinny jeans (yay finally!), an olive tunic, and white blazer. Buuuut it's pouring rain something serious and a cool 50F out, so I came up with something new. (I'm totally going to wear that other outfit when it warms up though!)

Like many of you, the mist in this photo really stands out to me, which is why my original outfit idea was mostly white; I did try swapping in my gray skinnies in place of the white ones, but I just wasn't in the mood to wear something quite that muted on such a gray, drizzly day. So with the mist in mind, I decided on a muted but light color palette that picks up on the photograph's major colors in singular blocks: white (mist), taupe (rocks), olive (foliage), teal (water).

The textural contrast between the rocks, foliage, and water also stands out to me so I wanted to get a little of that in my outfit as well. The teal heels being patent leather is a nod to the glassy water, the sweater knit (and stripes) a nod to the rocks, and I styled my hair EXTRA curly as a nod to the foliage.

I also wanted a few different shades of green in this outfit in color tribute to the foliage beyond just the olive pants, so I decided to use accessories to get those in. I added a new emerald and gold necklace, and did a quick (super) sparkly dark green manicure (the polish is named "Rain Forest", I couldn't resist!). As it is raining I needed a coat today, so I wore this scarf which nicely picks up the colors from the photo, as well as adds a bit of lightness to my outerwear along with the white purse. And lastly, I am wearing a nearly-nude peachy lip color to keep with the soft shades.

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome!

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