I made this jumpsuit out of Vlisco fabric, the classic Dutch wax print popular in West Africa. It's lovely to wear in hot weather, the need for an occasional swift exit notwithstanding. Did you know they're called jumpsuits for all those times you need to jump out of them quickly? Let's just say I'm glad I used snap fasteners and not buttons.

Much as I love this garment, I tend to think these colours are a little "off" on me. The bold print in navy blue is very much in my wheelhouse, but the khaki and olive background is perhaps a little warm for my cool colouring.

As I discovered from the lovely jackiec, once you dye your hair in opposition to your natural colouring, all bets are off. I've been experimenting with the Winter colour palette and reached the conclusion I'm probably a Deep masquerading as a Bright due to the red hair dye which I'm not willing to abandon.

With this in mind, I'm hoping the effect of the red in my hair is enough to offset the cool and play nicely with the saturated olive in the print. And if I wear these sunnies with the brown lenses, maybe that intensifies the effect? Do the white sliders add enough of a cooling accent, or are they completely mismatched?

Did I get away with it? Is this JFE?

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