LOVE the pattern with your red hair. Cools it down nicely.

Killer. That will keep you cool, Rio. Elegant Mechanic Chic.

(I can bat for Team Jumpsuit too now. Just bought this one at the NAS).

Love the olive, as another redhead might say. Also like how the color calms your hair color and complements it. I am always aware of that possibility but there is something to be said about choosing the wild card. For me, that is purple magenta. And it actually looks good! Interesting comment you make--masquerading as a Deep but you are really a Bright! I need to explore that concept.

love this on you. it actually helps balance the warm/cool due to the citron and gray in it. the fit and shape are totally flattering and the red in your hair color keeps the attention on your face.

Ok, I love the birks, I have a pair myself. I'd want to see you play with a lower contrast shoe as the white is so bright (and it may be the photo) against your skin that it almost draws TOO much attention. A more neutral color shoe could be another opportunity. or a strappier sandal that doesn't have such wide swaths.

Again, that's a nit pick. I love this outfit and would wear it myself!

What a fun jumpsuit...and so perfect for your coloring!! Fabulous