Hi friends, really enjoying my new tops from BR (people will be sick of me talking about these tops!). Even DH noticed (in contrast to his usual "I've never seen that top before" when I've been wearing it for 2 years lol) - thus proving that sometimes it's just a simple of refreshing some of your tried-and-true looks and pieces. (learning #1, or should I say re-learning!)

Learning 2 - I can spot an opportunity to evolve my look, and my usual approach is to a) double-down on what I've been doing to date and then b) panic that I've fallen behind the times and get super-stressy about it all. Nemosmom's post about wardrobe churn reminded me that it's okay to refresh for the purpose of refreshing. Ironically, my attempts to buy the perfect thing that will last forever and ever has probably resulted in more waste and mistakes then just allowing some churn as I change and grow.

Anyways, here's WIW:

1 - 2: Green balloon-sleeve tee with new scarf and layering necklace. This is the first square silky scarf that I could tie without feeling like I was being strangled. Well done BR
3 - 4: The merino sweater in pacific blue. Accessorized this one with my leopard belt, but the scarf goes with this one too (and blush - yay!)
5: I shared this already - the chocolate and olive outfit.

Evolve my style opportunity: I wore my skinny black pants but wished I had wide (or at least wider) black pants instead. Note me not panicking or justifying why I have skinnies (which are about 5 years old). Just adding 'black crops' to the wishlist and going about my merry way in the meantime.

PS - Excuse the lighting - with gray skies, everything is either over- or under-lit!

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