Inspired by Torontogirl's post about purchases, and Suntiger's post about 2020 forecasting, I took some time to crunch my shopping stats for the year so far, and figure out what pieces were hits and misses.

In January, I committed to 12 total purchases for the year. By June, I was already up to 16 (10 new; 6 thrifted). Somewhere late summer/early fall the wheels completely fell off (I partially blame the abundance of earthtones and my hatred of midwestern weather); to date I am at 63

A manageable wardrobe size for me is around 150 total. In that count I include tops, bottoms, toppers/outerwear, and shoes; I EXCLUDE gear, loungewear, and accessories. I started the year with 162 pieces, and to date have edited out 74. Since I purchased 63, that leaves my wardrobe at 151. I feel a bit sick at the thought of so much churn.

I feel good about my style direction (for the most part), and happy about the state of my wardrobe (which I certainly should be, given that I have replaced nearly half of it). I am trying not to beat myself up too much. It's our second winter in Chicago, and that is evidenced by my increase of coats and jackets. Being in a new climate, I expected some churn, but this really feels like a lot...I took time to put my current wardrobe (and some edits) into Finds, so hopefully I will be able to shop a bit smarter going forward...

I am grateful that I have been able to update my loungewear and special occasion capsule, replace essentials, and add a couple of fun pieces that have already earned their place. Most of the new purchases have been great (42/63); 15/63 are TBD, but expected to be good. 6 of the 63 purchases have turned out to be total duds (anyone want a Boden wrap dress??!)

I wish we were all neighbors; then we could have clothing swaps... how fun would that be??