Whilst I voted Team Both because turquoise was put into team blue and that is my absolutely favourite shade in the blue spectrum, I also love its moody darker sister TEAL and decided to wear my teal jacket today in support of Team Teal.

In our winter 2020 sales, I bought this velvet jacket on great discount. About a week later, my weather warmed up, so I have had limited opportunity to wear it. However, now I am going into cooler weather, this jacket is just great to wear because being velvet it is very soft and comfortable, it feels like wearing a cardigan rather than a structured jacket. The bonus is that the rich colour looks so nice for my video meetings with clients and I feel a bit more pulled together. 

Of course, being teal, I cannot help but think of Brooklyn who wears this colour better than anyone and that in itself adds to the jacket's happiness factor.

Jacket - Cue (winter 2020) (in finds below) and also the teal items I own. 

I also took photos of other outfits that I have been wearing this week, some more successful than others.