Bijou, I very much liked that combo! Unexpected & super.

That. Jacket!!! Omg. I’m drooling.

Also - that tartan outfit, and I’m DYING over that cream and cognac fair isle sweater, matched with the cognac bag. You are such an inspiration for me, Bijou!

I know this is about teal, but I can’t get over your shoe/boot mojo!

The jacket is beautiful. I especially like it in pic 2 with the subtly different colour of the scarf. And my other fave outfit is 5 with the pretty dress and scarf and boots.
I like how you are able to repurpose your dressier items for WFH.

Jenna - it is fun to change things up a bit.

Roxanna - I have been working on mixing cool and warmer tones, inspired by your winter 2021 palette. I do love the sweater and had to have it because of the terrier connection.

Carla - boots are my favourite footwear and always have been since I was very young. I remember my first pair of boots, wellington boots that I would use to test the depth of puddles at age 5.

Jenni - I am trying to repurpose my clothes and think it is all in the mix. Of course some dressier items are going to be trickier, but the majority of my work clothes seem to be able to do double duty.

Totally agree!

That curved high low peplum hem is wonderfully flattering on you - reminds me of my (sadly now deceased) orange pussybow blouse/ tunic. It's a shape I wish I could find more at current retail!

I also really like how the creamy white in outfit #3 is accented with those rich rusty cinnamon shades in your bag & the jumper's pattern. You pull off both deep shades (like teal velvet) & pastel pinks with equal panache - no fair

Great new teal (and velvet!) jacket (and all other turquoise and teal pieces in your wardrobe) but for me, nr 7 steals the show!! Wow!:-)

Came back to say-Others are all fab, too, esp. nr 3 all winter whites and you look like russian royalty in nr 5!:-)

Zaeobi - with deep colours I have to be a bit careful. I love cobalt, but it overwhelms me and I need to use it sparingly. Teal seems a bit softer.

Lyn - Nr 7 was a fun experiment. I am glad that it does not look too Christmassy as here in Australia, we have a summer Christmas.