I have added a few new items into my wardrobe in teal. I really love this colour and was glad to add it to my wardrobe, a nice change from ink blue.

New items

- Kate Sylvester dress, very lightweight, so something that I can wear now with my black faux fur and in summer with sandals
- Cue teal velvet jacket
- Teal boots

Photo 1 velvet jacket and teal boots
Photo 2 pink coat

I have added a photo of my pink winter coat that I have had for 5 years. It is very bright and I was told I look like a Barbie doll in it which to be honest put me off it a bit. However, it is beautifully made and I like how it brightens things up. I can’t help but feel bright and happy in this coat and just decided to play up on the Barbie pink! I bought this for a trip to Tokyo when my son was 7 and we were staying in Shinjuku which takes the concept of crowded to a whole new level. I was scared that I may lose him on the crowded streets, so wearing this, he just had to look for the big pink coat. It worked, he never got lost.