Hi YLFers --

With all the comfort shoe / foot-shoe issue posts lately, wanted to share one of my coping strategies: shifting the color of shoes with Tarrago leather shoe cream (in the little pots, not the paint-on).

I've been dyeing mine for almost 9 years and I know other YLFers are also dye fiends.

This Earthies shoe above was the latest...I've had the pair for 7 summers but it's not that cute on my foot to begin with and I wore its twin (which I DIYed a metallic mauve-y) more. This summer I could use a dark shoe for walking-centric use, so....Reuse, recycle.

I'm partial to the metallics and pearlescent shades but there are a zillion colors. Use them like watercolors -- mix together, wait til one shade dries and layer on another, etc.

You never know what the outcome will be, but that's part of the creative fun for me. I did practice on some older shoes when I first started out and rec that approach.

Anyway, just wanted to throw it out there for those who have trouble finding styles that work for their needs -- and then wish they could at least make them more zippy.

(quick shot on foot to show you all...off to put on tights!)