Yesterday, while doing some serious closet editing as a charity would be coming for a pickup in our area, I began thinking about the 80/20 theory that I'd read about some time ago. This theory states that 80% of the time we wear just 20% of the clothes we own. It was both cathartic and distressing filling up 2 huge garbage bags of clothing that I no longer wear and a couple of these items were fairly recent purchases too YIKES!!

I'd say that my wear ratio is probably more like 70/30, so 70% of the time I'm wearing 30% of my wardrobe but I still want to improve this ratio. I think I need to be more realistic about what I actually prefer to wear for my everyday lifestyle and to stop being easily influenced and shopping for occasions I no longer have. I really enjoy clothes and still want to look well put together but I dont want to be this wasteful anymore. My hope is to actually achieve wearing at least 60% of my wardrobe most of the time. I'm definitely not a minimalist but I can no longer abide having so many unworn items in my closet any more. I do shop second hand as well but you can still make plenty of errors there too.

What about you? Are you satisfied with the wear ratio of your clothes? Do you have any strategies that help achieve a better wear ratio?