My approach is like @Jaime’s. I wear a different 10% depending on the season and the activity. For better or worse, there is little crossover of clothes across activities.

Some get so little wear, but when I wear it, I feel fabulous and situationally appropriate and nothing else in my closet will do.

I do need to wear my jackets more and treat them less preciously.

I wear about 80% or more, though some things get used much more than others. The things I haven't worn this year have been dressy pieces, things in the holding zone that don't fit, and sentimental. For the most part though, if it's not used often, it's out.

My wardrobe is totally seasonal though. There's almost no crossover between my summer and winter wardrobes, except during transitional weather.

Dee, chiming back in to say that the kind, engaged, and positive way you reply back to Fabbers is awesome

Jaime and bj1111- I would think this approach of using different 10%’s of your wardrobe for each season or activity might be similar to capsules. It should help to get more of the wardrobe in use and you don’t tire of your clothes quite so quickly.
Suntiger - Seems you’re making good use of your wardrobe, and yes, the sentimental items are some of the toughest pieces to deal with.
Aww..Angie thanks.

Aside from gear I have about 100 pieces at a time in my closet and there are about 5 that have not been worn in the last 21 months. This is mostly because they are dressy but there are a couple that I am just not into for one reason or another, but that I keep.

I have another 20 or so pieces that are really lightly worn - 1-3 wears in a year, and at the top end, about 50 that have been worn 15 or more times in a year. To me, that's once a month or more and those are my true core pieces.

I don't edit out the least worn ones though unless I don't like them or there is a fit issue - I have a few beloved pieces that might get 1-3 wears a year and be just the thing for a few occasions. Some of these are new pieces too that just haven't had a chance to be worn.

I do have a few pairs of heels that I might put up for evaluation. I like them all - don't want to buy more - and think they are all worth keeping. But interested in others views.

Sal - Good to hear that most of your wardrobe is getting worn and I too feel perfectly okay with the fact that my dressier pieces will not be used frequently, its understandable.

I'm thinking about how to actually go about calculating what percentage of one's wardrobe is worn 80% of the time. Do it by category perhaps and add up the wears of one's most frequently worn tops until you get to 80% of days? One would need really good tracking data. I'm curious though! Perhaps this is the thing that might actually get me to track my wears consistently again, hmmm....
I suspect that in the same way that we overestimate how often we wear an item, we also overestimate how evenly we wear our clothes.

Dee I think you are right - I create unintentional capsules, without the strict rules and with the ability to change them at will.
Jenny - Although our house and property is very small by American standards, it came with a separate building in the yard - kind of a permanent storage shed that the previous owner used as an office. We use it for storage - including my out of use clothing and the inventory for an eventual store .

SarahD8 - True without tracking this stuff you can’t accurately tell how often you really wear your clothing  but the 80/20 theory sure makes for an interesting tag line and does give pause for thought about how much clothing we really need to own in our lives.

Jaime - Wow so you plan to eventually open a store with your inventory, very exciting.

I’m guessing that I wear most of my clothing, excluding dressy clothes, every year, a majority of it weekly during most of the year, some weekly during only the appropriate season/weather (as weather and season do not naturally coincide).

I want to shop at Jaime's store....

Me too Suz! Trip to Israel?!
Thanks Jaime for answering where you keep it all!

I am rather satisfied with my ratio. It took many years and definitely joining YLF helped a lot.
I live in a 4-season climate where Fall, Winter and Spring have similar temperatures: cool - cold - very cold - cool - warmish. Then comes Summer, that is hot. Thanks to my tracking habit I can say that I wear 80% of my clothes for 9 monts and the remaining 20% for 3 months.
Having a moderate/smallish wardrobe, mostly made of essentials, also helps.