One of my favorite Instagrammers recently started a YouTube channel and she's been posting videos about her small (<50-piece) capsule wardrobe that I find fascinating. In this recent one, she styled her wardrobe based on viewer requests.

I thought it might be fun to style our own wardrobes--small or large--for the same set of scenarios. Can you easily create outfits for...

1. Running Errands
2. Date Night
3. An Important Meeting
4. A Wedding
5. Working from Home

Who's in? Take photos of each outfit and start your own thread with the results. It might serve as a handy crib sheet for when you're feeling uninspired, too!

(Oh, and if any of these categories don't match up with your lifestyle, feel free to substitute with something similar that does. ie: replace "Date Night" with "Girls' Night" or "Working from Home" with "Day with the Kids", etc)