Inge drove up to Velp to see me and and as always - we have a ball! I LOVE spending time with Inge! And we have another full day together tomorrow. We eat, shop, walk, and yak till the cows come home - which is exactly what we did today in these outfits. Gorgeous weather, and Inge looked KILLER in her column of navy with white and turquoise accents. No one rocks a pair of white Birkies like Inge. She looks sooooo good and graceful in them. They need Inge to model for Birkies.

I pattern mixed with old wardrobe items. I’ve had this outfit on repeat several times because it’s very comfy and makes me happy. Hectic to some, but soothing to me.

My brother flew my little nephew over to surprise Opa today. Fabulous! Very fun to be together. The pics speak for themselves