2 lovely treats for you....Inge and your nephew!
it's always a treat to see you and Inge "out in the wild"....it's a wonderful reminder of what a special place this is....and of course, you both look fab!

Adorable! These pictures really made me smile.

You look like you are having a ball!abd you are making me hungry again!

Great pictures and outfits. Now waiting for the shopping report

You both look happy and stylish! Enjoy your time together!

Wow such happy photos! Your darling Dad makes me miss mine, both kind and loving men. Love your outfits and Inge, your haircut is looking especially good at the mo!

Great smiles, great pattern mixing, great lipsticks! You all look so happy - thank you for sharing!

You’re all soooo kind - and funny. Thank you

Oh, Angie, how pretty you & Inge look!

And so good to see you spending time with your sweet dad & beautiful family

What great photos. It looks so pretty there. I have to say #10 is my absolutely favorite photo. It make me laugh and such a clever perspective! Looks like you all are really enjoying one another and that's what travel is all about (and the food!). Drooling over the last photo, red, red, red

Love seeing you with your family and Inge. I always feel that I have traveled when you go see your dad.

You are all so sweet, thank you again! My little trips to the Netherlands to spend time with Angie are always such a treat, they truly are mini vacations for me.
Angie, I'm still laughing about that selfie (picture 10) too. Hilarious!-))

You and Inge look great and it's fun to see you two together. Photo #10 is cracking me up with your side photo bomb.