I have yet to even set a name to my style, after a couple of years hanging around here. I probably look best in slightly preppy, polished, dressy looks, yet when I'm left to my own devices I am always wanting some sort of black leather or zippers and studs look. I did pick up quite a few pink items this year. And I have restrained myself on the grey sweater front. It just amazes me how I can go into any shop and immediately gravitate towards their one grey cardigan.

My favorite and most worn pieces this year I believe are the first six pieces. The Paige Edgmont and Jane jeans are not an exact match for my own in terms of color (mine are mid blue and smoke grey respectively). I've been wearing more pink that usual this year.

I bought culottes, shown as the last finds item, which looked good. But I have to say, I have not worn them much. I just feel a little weird in them. Like I should have worn a dress instead. I believe this and my fondness for skinny jeans shows a hidebound nature. Perhaps I shall overcome it next year.