My best purchases this year were a navy Hinge jacket that was a great lightweight layer for the daily temperature summer swings in the Bay Area, the BR kick crops that Angie recommended (I was positive these wouldn't work on me, but they became a gateway to other crops this year), the NAS French Connection peacoat that was another Angie pick, and the NAS Caslon poncho that I copycatted from someone else here (I think RobinF?). My DH hit it out of the park this year on gifts with a pair of pearl Melissa Joy Manning hoops and the Rebecca Minkoff Moto Hobo. All of these were winners because they suited my casual lifestyle and my climate. They all felt really good and were very versatile. I'm slowly becoming a better shopper.

The poor choices this year were 3 ON maxi dresses that I purchased on sale for $15 and seemed perfect for my summer, but the long length ended up bothering me and kept me from being one step ahead of my active boys. I'm thinking of hemming them for this summer so that they are a better fit for my lifestyle.

This was a good reflection for me as I consider my goals for 2017. Thank you!

What a great thread! UmmLila, I love that J. Crew coat. I've been wanting a new winter coat for the longest time...I'll have to keep my eye out at J. Crew.

I went back over my purchases for this past year, and to my surprise, almost all of them have been favorites and worn a lot! So I am proud of myself. The main duds in the bunch were some belts that I had bought, but my weight changed after I bought them, and they no longer fit. So I was prevented from wearing them.

My best purchases 2016 are

. Blondo booties. These are like hiking boots with heels! I love them because they are very sturdy but also fashionable. Great for days when the weather and walkways are crummy (snow and salt and sand everywhere).

. Pour la Victoire booties. I have been looking for a pair of Victorian-inspired booties for a long time, and these fit the bill! I like how they are modern and on trend. I get lots of compliments when I wear them. The leather is like buttah. Very comfy.

. Cole Haan OTK boots. Something that actually fits my calves and is on trend! Comfortable too. I haven't been able to wear them much because it's been too icy, though.

. Patricia Nash handbag. I made this my everyday handbag for fall/winter. It's a nice size but not so big that you carry around everything and the kitchen sink.

. Anthropologie denim dress. I wore this tons in the hot weather. I generally don't wear dresses because it is hard to find ones that fit right (I'm two different sizes on top and bottom). This one fit, and wow, was it a lot cooler than wearing separates.

. Topshop crops. My one pair of cropped flares, and I love them! They are very versatile and really show off high-shaft booties. I like the higher rise--it's actually more of a midrise.

My worst purchases of 2016 are

. Free People striped tee. It was a little big in the shoulders for me, but I figured that since it was rayon, it would shrink a bit. Nope. If anything, it stretched out more, the more I wore it. Back to the drawing board on that one.

. Ann Taylor high-rise jeans. These were a bit of a wild card for me. I just feel frumpy in them. The rise just doesn't look flattering on me.

Such an interesting thread.
My favorite purchases of the year--
Theory Elkaey Blazer--perfect fit--I love it.
Andrew Marc boucle coat. I have always had black coats and wanted something with subtle color.
Sam Edelman 'Justin' chelsea boots--perfect booties. I wear them all the time.
Target/Merona Denim Jacket.
Rebecca Minkoff 'Grace' bag. I bought this wonderful bag on ebay for a fraction of the list price. It replaces a large hobo bag that I used to carry and serves the same function.
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love cross body bag. Perfect for evening/events when I want to carry very little.

Now for the less successful--
Lucky Brand Dempsey Bucket bag. It doesn't have a zipper and the magnetic closure is awkward. When it tips over I'm always afraid that everything will roll out of it.
Ona Scrunch Ballet Flats from Target. I purchased these recently and may return them before they become a mistake. I'm always drawn to ballet flats but in reality find them not terribly comfortable.
Steve Madden Nilunda sandals. I loved these sandals when I tried them on but realized too late that the heels are just a smidge too high for me.
Target Floral Print Contrast Top. What was I thinking?

Fun thread!
Like a lot of you, some of my best purchases were shoes.
Treasure and Bond Marko silver sneakers. Having "fashion" sneakers for the first time was a fabulous addition. I wore them for travel, for shopping and for work, with skirts, with wide legged and narrow slacks. Love them.

Sarto burgundy booties These are super comfortable and add a touch of color to my winter wardrobe. They're a sleeker profile than most of my other boots or booties, which I find makes them more versatile. I would duplicate except I really don't need the other colors!

Gabor sandal. This neutral with a twist sandal made all my summer outfits better and was very comfortable.

One awesome top:
Vince Camuto striped tunic. This simple top was a workhorse. It's rare for me to find a tunic long enough for me. This year I found several and this was my favorite. I had to stop myself from wearing this top all the time.

And, since it's me - crazy pants!
Melissa McCarthy cherry blossom splatter jeans
Lane Bryant Modernist crop

My one big failure was the yellow cropped pants. The quality just wasn't there - they looked wrinkled all the time, and started pilling immediately. Out they went.

Overall I had a good year, all thanks to YLF of course and a lot of restraint. I did take a lot of time to really scrutinized each purchase so that helped as well.

A few of my least successful purchases that come to mind; Loft peasant blouse because it ripped in the first hour I wore it, Gap jogger pants because I feel weird in them, and a Lou & Grey Sweater because it stretched out the first time I wore it and hangs funny. Also, I did duplicate my favorite black merino crew and turtleneck sweater that I love in different colors but I rarely or never reach for them.

Top of the most successful list is a black dress I purchased for a wedding in early spring. I LOVE THIS DRESS.

Next best would have to be the ivory jacket I purchased, on impulse wearing super sales goggles. I was going to return it because I had my heart set on a pure white jacket but couldn't find one that I loved. i ended up keeping it and not only did I wear it multiple times, I received compliments every time I wore it. I may or may not have picked up another color recently, also on sale.

The snake print sandals. Again, I was on the fence about these because I have a hard time with light colored footwear but my Mom loved them on me and said I would be silly if I didn't keep them, so I did and after the first wear, I loved them.

I can't forget about the Rebecca Minkoff 'Ciao' clutch I stumbled on while dress shopping. I almost walked away but it was screaming at me to take it home, so I did. Wore it a few times and love it. It's one of those odd ball things that just makes me happy when I see it in my closet.

The 'I just want to hang with my dog' tshirt, the purchase benefits a local Chicago animal rescue so no explanation necessary. I wear it all the time, gift it and everyone asks me where I got it. (

The number one best purchase because it is a true workhorse is this long wrap cardigan thing that I picked up, on impulse of course, as a dressing gown and modesty cover up for a trip. The sales associate was wearing it as a clothing item but I decided it was going to be loungewear for me. (I gave up on my traditional robes because they are too bulky for me and just don't stay closed.) I love it and wear every day. It's my most favorite loungewear item ever.

This is a wonderful way to approach the year in review! My most successful purchases were:

Cole Haan Zerogrand sneakers in metallic blue. I first started wearing fashion sneakers in 2015, but these are by far my favorites. Super comfortable and so refined they look like sporty oxfords. The blue and white combination is perfect with my wardrobe and skin tone. I love how they update and casualize my fallback retro look.

Hell Bunny cardigans. I bought these in five colors, but it was a long-standing HEWI. Long sleeve waist length cardigans in colors let me pull together warm-weather outfits that look fabulous both in A/C and in heat.

Glamorous printed lace up maxi dress. I didn't need this, but I love it, and wear it as often as I can. Joy per wear is very high. Also significantly, it's the exact dress that the Duchess of Cambridge wore in India. As I'm continuing to try to define my style, I realized that she is an excellent style icon for me. The dress felt like a wild card at the time. But my ongoing use and delight in it confirm that it was a wise choice.

Sunny Girl floral on black knit dress. This dress simply couldn't be better: tailored fit in a non-clingy knit, long sleeves, longer skirt, and a print with every color I use and none I don't. It's a brilliant lesson for me on how fabulous it is when I don't compromise when shopping.

Pearl and CZ earrings. This was an inexpensive purchase on a whim, inspired by the simple elegance of Queen Elizabeth II's "button" earrings for daily wear. I love how they are the perfect accent and don't hide in my shorter, curlier hair style.

Aquatalia Rhumba tall boots. These filled a wardrobe hole for tall black boots, thanks to my style icon: How does she fill that hole? Some determined stalking later, and these boots were mind. Such a revelation! Superb quality and excellent fit on my feet and legs. I'm so glad I did not compromise here.

In doing this review, it's suddenly very clear that Refined and Feminine are extremely important style descriptors for me. I can and have been contented with items that are less than that; but the biggest successes above are all very high on the Refined and Feminine factors. "Refined" for me means clean lines. In clothing, a tailored fit, particularly at the shoulders and waist; in footwear, a slender profile, usually almond or point toes, and lack of distressing. "Feminine" is tricky to define, but for me it tends toward pretty colors and dainty or interesting details.

It's gratifying that I can think of only two "least successful" items. There are a lot of purchases that I didn't really need, but few downright unsuccessful.

SimplyVera purple shark bite top. I love the the cut and fabric and it's a lovely color. But I don't wear longer length flowing tops with anything but jeans. They don't work with skirts or non-jeans legwear, so they're nearly orphaned.

Fifi woven leather sandals in rose gold. Rose gold is gorgeous, and these fit extremely well. But they're really uncomfortable! Inflexible with no cushioning, so very difficult to walk in. They're useable with thick pads of adhesive moleskin at ball and heel, but I should have returned them. And I knew that at the time. At least it was not a costly error.

I love my Skagen watch. NAS love.

I smile every time I see my colorful Vans.

Least, also an NAS purchase. The dress I purchased for a February 2017 event under the illusion that I would continue losing weight. Weight is up, not down. Lesson learned. Do not shop that far ahead.

A necklace. Another NAS purchase. I always pick something else. It hits me at the wrong place, which I ignored. I might add more length to it.

Unsure of still :

1. Two other NAS dresses, which I have only worn once each, and which I am unsure about. Time will tell whether they were mistakes or expanded my style. I know that next time I will take photos of me in any dress with that bold a pattern before I decide.

2. A scarf I haven't worn yet. I just realized that it's still in a small Nordstrom bag, so I don't see it. I'm going to put it where I will see it.

I have been tremendously interested in everyone's answers on this thread. Thank you so much for commenting. Now I'm wondering if we should have a "what is the craziest thing you bought last year?" thread.

Ooooh. I like that idea! .

You know what? I have no idea what my most successful or worst purchase was! The latter part of the year was hectic and stressful and then joyful... and I haven't really thought about clothes.

I can say offhand, I bought two pairs of 100-denier tights, "made in Italy" at Marshalls. They were soft but the waist kept rolling down. That's the fail that most immediately comes to mind.

ETA: the things I most loved: a reversible, mink-lined jacket that kept me toasty in Canada, and a pair of vintage Ferragamo boots, were purchased in previous years.

What a great question. My favorite purchase turned out to be an impulse that worked, a crossbody, purple leather, bag. It fits my wallet perfectly and was ideal for running errands in the summer months. My worst purchase were multiple pairs of Lucky Brand jeans I got on sale at the outlet. The price was really cheap ($12 to $16 each) but I didn't need them so the new jeans sat until I donated them.

Great thread!!! Have had mostly shopping successes this year. My best purchases have been culottes (multiple pairs) and cargo jogger pants that I wish were available in multiple colors. (I would most assuredly duplicate these pants.) My only "miss" this year was a pair of light wash high-rise cropped jeans from Old Navy. The lighter wash and higher waist make these feel a bit too much like "mom jeans" for my body type and age. I may hack these into shorts come summer.