Hi all, sorry for all the questions today! I recently received the rather exciting news that DH and I are being sent to Italy (Florence) for 5 nights mid-August. It's a work trip, so will involve some planned touring around during the day, and schmoozy-type events in the evenings. I'll be on "wife of exec" type duty for much of it. (I know, I know ... ) I'll have more itinerary details coming, but this is the rough sketch.

I've never been to Italy (or continental Europe for that matter) and as I start spring and summer wardrobe planning, I want to keep in mind what might be appropriate for this trip so I'm ready. My understanding is that things are a little more traditional there, so covered shoulders (especially when touring churches, etc.) and knee length summer dresses might be a good idea for daytime? What of shoes? What else would you suggest? What would Italy-appropriate cocktail attire be - same as here? Will an LBD or two do the trick, would you say?

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!