Well, I'm super late here but I just have to thank. you for starting this thread, first, because you look so great in that cinnamon colour and your hair is super fab with the long bang -- plus any grey just looks like a lovely highlight/ textural interest! And also because I have come. away with three new items I want to buy.

1. The Bounce sheets (thank you, Jenn!) -- I had to laugh because when I went to get professional photos done last week, the photographer, squinting through the lens said....<cough> "Do you by any chance have a CAT?" I looked down and saw the lint all over my sweater! Oooops!

2. The Lulu OTF pants -- I don't own any but obviously -- based on recommendations from you, Laurie, Carla, and Roxanna, I really need them!

3. Carla's plaid Reitman's joggers!! Those look awesome!

Okay. So I used to have this WFH uniform down, for Kingston. For pre-pandemic. There, my lifestyle was a sort of more casualized and much colder and snowier version of what Angie describes -- lots of short daily urban outings, exercise at a strict time for the most part (early morning) and so on.

Now, I'm still working from home but my weather and my lifestyle are completely different, and I confess I'm a bit like LaPed -- I can't imagine not changing multiple times a day because I just have to! Right now, for instance...I've got an injury, I can't walk, but I can go on the bike, but I don't want to go too early because it's dark and cold, so I go after lunch, but that means changing into biking gear (and out of it). That's just a tiny example.

I really don't have a good WFH outfit that suits me yet. In summer, I do better -- dresses or skirts with nicer tees/ tanks/tops. Or jeans in cooler weather, or shorts.

I still default to jeans quite often with a merino or cashmere sweater (or blouse/shirt plus cardigan). But honestly. Why is this so hard???

I think what you said about finding the right combination of structure and comfort is key, and it probably differs for each of us.