I started this with the intention of looking for help and inspiration for some sort of dressing-at-home wear.  For years I've been less-than-satisfied with my weekend/at-home wardrobe.  It's always been a mismash of sweatshirts, sweaters, and lumpy sweatpants , leggings and jeans. It's all a big uncoordinated mess and despite promising to figure out every.single. season, I never manage to.  

I don't  sit around "curled up on the couch" , and usually spend days at home quite active  ,  which means heavy sweaters and sweatshirts are too hot and bulky and uncomfortable....plus inherently unflattering, which does matter to me .I need clothes that look good, but can withstand cooking, housecleaning, decorating, running errands out of the house all without having to change clothes 5 times a day.

I've been stumped as to what kind of clothes fit that bill. I'm not sure about you, but I'm totally over the whole sweat pants and sweatshirts trend, (a non -sequitur,   but why are all sweats now tie-dyed??) .  However, I'm not like Angie, who can houseclean and cook in wool dress pants, form-fitting sweater and pearls (!) .  

I was thinking of some kind of jersey capsule of easy pants, longer, fluid tops...but don't want to spend in the Eileen Fisher price range .  Others that I've seen can look cheap and don't last or hold their shape (Gap, Old Navy etc) .   I remembered I had two of these tops from Lululemon, and how wonderful they are:  loose fitting, yet still flattering , can be worn semi-tucked with jeans or joggers or left untucked over leggings . They don't pick up cat hair and other assorted household lint  They don't require ironing - and come in a million colours.   I have put 3 more in my virtual shopping cart at Lululemon, along with another pair of OTF joggers , and have decided this is going to be my house-hold uniform. I don't crave variety , and would rather have an established look that I now I can count on to perform and still look good.  I think I have my "problem" solved for now Puffer and scarf and bag for a quick trip to Starbucks and the grocery store. 

top - Lululemon Back in Action 
track pants - Adidas (OBG's = I don't think I ever NOT had a pair of these )
sneakers - Paolo (Janet has these too ) might have been a NAS buy from 2019? 
fashion /decidedly untechnical puffer - Only 
scarf - Aritizia 
wool and leather purse - Burberry (OBG - must be at least 25 years old now - lol) 
big face photo = grey hair now at sides and through the top (no recent hair colour appt) ...not sure what I''m going to do about it, if anything . Thoughts?  

What DO you all wear around the house?  Do you have an established uniform ? Or a capsule of coordinated pieces?  Why has this been such a challenge ??  

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