nemosmom - I don't love staying in my workout clothes all day either. But boy do you keep your house cool! Not sure I'd be comfortable in that temp unless I was doing some really strenuous working out or house work!

jenava - you have a much chic-er home wardrobe than I - that's for sure! But you have a completely different, more elegant and "french" look that suits dresses, jumpsuits etc. I'm quite a bit less interesting I have a bit of a dislike for Rails plaid shirts - I've had both a dress and a shirt and both were complete fails . Made me mad because they are not exactly inexpensive in Canada. No idea they did linen though - but their fit is completely off for me. I have 3 of those BR merino wool sweaters too, but they are far too body con and warm to wear around the house. I never wear them - only when I feel really, really thin- as I'm always plucking at them and fussing with the fit.

Joy - your wardrobe choices sound like mine. I have been trimming my own hair (was due for a cut when salons closed down here again several weeks ago) and the grey is what you think are highlights

Irina - I'm with you on feeling dejected and disheartened. We are a few weeks into our second round of closures and lockdowns and I am struggling to feel optimistic about anything . I couldn't have conceived that almost a year later, we are in worse shape than we were in the spring, with no real end in sight. I swear I have to stop listening to the news as it's so repetitive and grim.

phoebe - you've inspired me to toss the sweatshirts and sweatpants that make me feel dumpy and unattractive. I need no help in that department as it is. I haven't own anything corduroy in decades, and they just strike me as lint collectors. Maybe they are worth a second consideration ?

anchie - I know track pants aren't everyone's cup of tea, and I know they aren't the most sophisticated looking things going. Maybe I'm stuck in the past with this kind of look . *shrug* There seems to be a small leap between too youthful and too missy-looking in terms of casual wear, and I struggle to find that balance. With your figure, I'd be all over cord velvet leggings too ! I like to wear more fluid clothes though so I'm not fussing and plucking at them and looking at my self in the mirror every time I pass one to see how much extra fat I'm carrying . Ugh.

lisa - you would not believe me that this are my first leggings in my life - I am very late to that. When I go out, I put another pair of pants over them, great solution for cold. Regarding truck suits, in country where I grow up, they were ubiquitous among middle aged unkept man and were considered lazy, not athletic. There were so many jokes about it, I just can’t break association. But now I can see it differently, thanks to you.

Lisa, we set our thermostat at 66F during the day. That’s why I always wear a sweatshirt/hoodie inside.

You know I’m all over this. I have had the hardest time getting this down too and have given it much more thought than I should have.

On days where I have a lot of meetings, I change into workout clothes, work out, then change into Cindy but dressy clothes for all my meetings, then track pants at the end of the day to pick up the kids.

On days with no meetings, I wear just what you have here - OTF or other joggers, a long sleeve tee plus a casual topper (I’m always cold.) this way I can work and also fit in a walk or do some yoga throughout the day. Interesting to read what others do...

Roxanna - often by the end of the day I’ll have 4 different outfits on my bed waiting to be put away . Workout , housework , an outdoor walk, errand running - everything seems to require a change of clothes , which is ridiculous .

It looks like you’ve settled on a great formula, after a bit of exploration lately since leaving your sales rep job. The Adidas track pants are fabulous, classic yet young and sassy. They fit slim enough to indicate motion rather than sloth! The striped and solid loose tees make the perfect combo, especially when adding the puffer and finishing scarf. Excellent from top to bottom.

Your hair looks very nice - with the natural color and longer length, it looks a little more relaxed, which is what comes across in your whole outfit here. Confident and purposeful, yet relaxed.

I really know what you mean about the need to have the right fit and combination so once dressed, no need or urge to tweak, fret or regret the choices of the day. And there is a lot of value in settling on a certain formula that you know will work every time. Getting rid of the troublemakers is a big part of that strategy.

I’m an oldie, faithfully wedded to jeans as part of my identity since teenage years. Branching out to black, gray, olive and burgundy jeans allows a little step up towards more current times. My at-home, every day wear follows that lead. The house temperature is usually 66F-18C.I like to think of myself as a casual classic with a touch of whimsy introduced by quirky tennis shoes, socks, or fun color combinations. For winter, here are my usual pieces and reasons:
1. Jeans, denim or colored - because they are warmer and looser yet more structured than joggers or leggings, sturdier than dressier pants, and go with everything. I have a couple of corduroy pairs.
2. Long sleeve tee shirts, or cotton print, striped or plaid button shirts - I find recently the collar helps me stay warmer.
3. Sweaters, mostly pullovers. Cardigans are okay when it’s a bit warmer, but I don’t like open cardigans with no buttons because they annoyingly don’t stay arranged and just plain get in my way. Sweatshirts aren’t warm enough, IMO, even over another top.

4. Sneakers, usually Converse or New Balance, with ankle socks. Leather Chelsea boots or booties if going out in non-wet cold.

5. If I’m cold, I add a fleece vest, wooly scarf, and/or largish zipper hoodie over the whole get up, but only in the house.
These daily outfits, being based on jeans and coordinated shirts and sweaters, are completely suitable for any daytime outside the home activities I have (had and might someday again.)
6. If going outside, I’ll of course put on a warm coat, gloves, scarf and hat, and boots if it’s super cold, wet or snowy.

I do change into and back out of weather appropriate athletic clothes when going running. Can’t leave them on - too sweaty.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and outfits. Great discussion here!

@lisa ME TOO!! I thought I was the only one. I honestly try to wear the same thing all day, but I just hate to cook or clean in my ‘work” clothes, Anne I’m certainly not walking to pick up the kids in fancy wool pants. And if I wear loungewear then I sometimes need to dress up for calls. The only solution I have is multiple outfit changes *sigh*

Though your uniform looks like it will do you all day long!

I wear gym/gardening gear for household chores then usually change into my usual outfits of trousers and tops the smartness of which depends on what I doing for the rest of the day.Maybe I am strange in that I don’t worry what I look like when I am doing chores and I usually include something a bit grubby in my chore list like digging so I don’t want to worry about spoiling my clothes.
l admire your commitment towards looking stylish at all times.You and Angie are definitely an example in that department.lm afraid that I am quite lazy in some ways about my appearance paticularly at the moment.

Corduroy can be a lint magnet, especially black. I wear only pinwale and on most colors other than black I don't notice lint, especially after a few washes.

I have a low shedding dog, almost all leather furniture and I don't wear mohair, alpaca or any high fiber shedding fabrics.

I don't wear denim anymore, I avoid synthetics, and changing my pants mid day is annoying. I might consider something more like the joggers you've been looking at but I'm out with the dog for at least two hours a day and I need warm pants.

I am way less productive when I'm not properly dressed and wearing things I don't like does not make things better.

I’m glad you’re focusing on your “at home” capsule. I’m like you, I was avoiding it for years and always felt unkempt and frumpy whenever I was just doing stuff around the house. But I don’t like wearing jammies during the day. So lately I’ve been focusing on this part of my wardrobe. Adidas track pants are magical. They feel both comfortable and substantial. I can lounge AND go off property and still feel “dressed”. I also found some comparable ones at Athleta and Zella. I also just bought some new long sleeve tops at Uniqlo plus a puffy vest. I also bought plaid stretchy pants (Sanctuary at Nordstrom) that go well with all my tops and they provide a nice bit of variety to the capsule. It’s all very mix-and-match and I feel presentable even though I’m just puttering in the house.

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I really must investigate Uniqlo further . I must be the only North American woman who has never even been in one of their stores .

I have my husband do all the cooking; it really saves my clothes. I also wear an apron almost all the time. From bed clothes I go straight to my exercise gear, and then post-exercise and shower I dress for the day and don’t change again until bedtime. I often wear casual dresses, mostly with tights or cropped jeans since I get way too cold with bare legs and I don’t like leggings which are another possibility. I like dresses because they hide the waistline fluff and give me better proportions than a tunic or long top or sweater.

It seems that what makes or breaks the suitability of casual/smart clothing for ‘around the house’ is comfort and washability. Constricting isn’t comfortable, so how to manage ‘loose’ clothing while being intentional about it vs looking like a slob? Athletic cuts in non athletic (looking) fabrics seems a solution. In other words some sort of stretchy waist, or even stretch fabric, in a non-restrictive style - that doesn’t look like you’re wearing yoga pants (but maybe you are?!).

Then there is the washability thing. If there is anything I’ve learned in my ‘counting wears’ experiment of 2020, it is how hard laundering is on clothing. Natural fibres in particular. If part of your personal style is to look crisp, pristine, and sharpe - you’ve got to sort out fabrics that can take the wear and tear of frequent washing - or not have a minimalist closet. I love my green chinos, but the high cotton content has resulted in a softened and faded patina that I’m okay with since it’s part of my style. Someone more fastidious might designate them candidates for the donation bag. On the other hand, the 100% synthetic OTF pants look like new (if you look past the thinning material at the rear.).

Same goes for tops - synthetics (some sweaters, mesh T’s) hold shape and colour better than cottons, wools, and cashmere - and can go through the wash without the form of Russian roulette one plays with the later.

A collection of interesting toppers, including ultra-lite puffers to throw on top of plain or loose fitting tops will reign in volume, create form, and create interest with colour and texture while meeting the brief for comfort and durability. Then there is fun and interesting accessories - hats, scarves, cross body bags or Fanny packs worn bandolier style, etc. Don’t forget footwear! If there is anything I’ve learned from Angie, it’s the power of signature footwear to cement personal style.

Grooming, which you already do so well, Lisa, seals the deal and elevates the whole.

If I had to identify your strengths, I would volunteer that you nail grooming, outerwear (coats), and footwear. I believe you struggle to find satisfaction with tops and bottoms, though from your OOTD pics, there aren’t many faults to be found. If you were to put anything on a ‘no buy’ list, I would volunteer you list oversized and heavy/thick sweaters. Fluid tops yes! Oversized no!

First off love your hair (don't see grey, I refer to the overall look). I have always loved adidas stripes as loungewear. In the winter, which is not horribly cold outside but tends to be quite cold inside, I wear layers of sweats and thrifted cashmere sweaters. (They don't come along every day but I only need a couple.) I always change when I come home for the day, because I am no Angie - my indoor clothes need to be easily washable.

I am late to this one and love your outfit. I like the stripes and the way the bag chimes in. Your makeup always look great and you know I think your brows always look so good! Interesting reading about the number of changes that you and Roxanna make during the day. I do the same, at the weekend at least. Constant putting away!

I so identify with this! Before the shutdown I had little need for wear at home garb. I don’t wear athletic looks at all outside a gym, so it’s a challenge. I have been experimenting and have ended up really liking some washable DKNY pants from Macy’s, they don’t look like athletic gear so work with my existing wardrobe. I have also been wearing all the ponte knit pants I already had, and sending them out to be cleaned with my sweaters. I have also been picking up washable dressy Ts from a variety of brands, my favorites thus far are from L.K. Bennett and Boden.

Carla - I agree that laundering can shorten the life span of anything, which is why synthetic blends in athletic-inspired casual wear have always appealed to me. (Although I do also love a worn and washed pair of khakis or jeans )

I agree that a collection of tops that can work with anything is the key for me - and that's what informed my "commitment" to the Lululemon t's. Fluid and easy-fitting but not oversize and/or heavy. I rarely launder my OTF's - only if they are actually dirty (from food, coffee, car dirt etc ) so have never noticed any thinning . You have once again contributed thoughtful and insightful commentary, and I thank you for that.

Jane - it's only noon here and I've already changed twice - lol. I thought I was good for the day in my jeans and hooded cashmere blend sweater, but daughter delivered an ultimatum that if we were going to work out together, it had to be now rather than later in the day. So change once again I did! Craziness.

Jaime - you obviously "run" a lot colder than I do. But I understand how well layers work for lots of others . I'm about to deep clean the master bathroom and refuse to change once again - we'll see how it goes!

I've realized I don't really know how to go through the day without changing two or three times, particularly during the cold half of the year. This was true even pre-pandemic. I usually start off in sweats and wool slippers while I have coffee and get the fire going -- wood heat means it's always chillier in the morning. Then I change into a dog walk/run outfit. Usually I put on real clothes once I go back inside and shower, but there are days where I stay in gear because it's more convenient, or because I plan to be outside all day anyway. If I am outside in gear all day, I try to make a point of changing into "real clothes" for dinner, but don't always manage that lately.

I wish I had better advice, but my solution has been to make sure my gear is current and fits well, and to make more of an effort to part with things when they start to to pill or the elastic is shot, etc.

I love the way your Adidas track pants look with the Burberry plaid. It has something of a "celebrity zipping through an international airport" vibe, which makes me nostalgic for the days when people could zip through international airports...

I like your plan Lisa - I think moving forward this will serve you really well.

Depending on what I wear for work I may not change at the end of the day. If I wear a blazer or jacket I may swap for a hoodie or cardigan. And then change into my skippers or some supportive flip flops that I wear at home inside.

My on the fly Lululmon pants have been brilliant. Also a long wine coloured merino cardigan that I wear with a variety of tee shirts. And in lockdown I wore my Allbirds as house shoes exclusively.

Lisa, I was thinking more about this so popping back in. I was running around at home yesterday just getting things done and realised that my actual go to at home wear (not for working at home) is actually leggings and a drapey top. I tend to my my leggings one size up to give them the look of a very very slim pant. So they are fitted but not sausage sucking if you know what I mean. I know this is probably very boring but I feel good in these combos.

Lisa, you always have very interesting topics! I’ve also been paying quite a bit of attention to homewear lately, partly because of epidemics, and partly because my body is changing and old tricks don't work any more. I have to say that I just didn’t feel good in clothes that I wore around the house, I felt frumpy and messy. My physique and height just don’t allow me to throw on any dark leggings and t-shirt and look good wearing it, like some of my friends. I have found that some reflection, time and money will need to be invested in this area. I really like what Runcarla wrote, as I also expect comfort and washability from my home clothes in particular. I’ve found that it’s actually easier to find pants (slightly looser leggings, ponte pants, soft jeans) than tops. I have big chest and am short- waisted, so most t-shirts don’t suit me, they are too long and stick to my tummy in a most non-flattering way. But with a lot of searching, I find suitable pieces, and then I buy them in all colors, as they are destroyed fairly quickly. T-shirts with a bubble hem in soft fabrics suit me because they are not too long and not clingy, if I can just find them. Its'a work in progress for me but I feel that I'm getting there. Just yesterday I ordered some heattech pants from Uniqlo, so I'm curious if they will work for me.

Pretty puffer, and I don't see much grey hair! Sounds like you have your formula sorted!
I dress differently on the days I go out than when I'm just in the neighborhood. When I'm out I'm usually gone all day and dress as I did BC19, so just change into my catburglar black (joggers or leggings and long sleeve t) when I get home. When I WFH or otherwise stay here I wear the same simple cheapo long sleeve t's and Athleta leggings. I feel best in neutrals at home-black, rust and burgundy- though will wear brights as needed to not be mistaken for a deer! I just wear socks in the house, but put on my Birkies or sneakers to hike and do archery. It's been really mild here though, many days over 60- but starting to formulate a colder weather plan.

It is such a challenge! For me at the moment the big problem is the shoe. I take off my shoes when I get home, and that sometimes is enough to make an outfit really uncomfortable. For example, wide cropped jeans with tall boots under them are comfy for a day out in the chill. Get indoors, take off the boots, and suddenly my exposed calf and ankle is very chilly! And wide crops look so dumb with slippers.

Conversely, I may have a perfect “couch” outfit on, but when I want to dash out to the grocery store, I have to figure out what shoes go with my tapered “mom” jeans. They look fine with slippers but not with any of my outdoor shoes, somehow!

Like you, I tend to feel this is a big uncoordinated mess. You are setting a good example of finding a uniform that works.

First of all Lisa P, I LOVE you in those shades of Cinnamon. That puffer is super cute! It's a fun outfit too. Adidas rocks!

FWIW, this is how I handle many of the dressing challenges that are mentioned here:

  • I workout early in the morning and wear my gear then, and don't put it on again.
  • I am usually fully dressed, styled and groomed for the day by 8am and take Sam out. My clothes are dressy but very comfortable, so I'm comfortable. Nothing too tight, or too floppy (apart from my lounging pants at night). I often find floppy big clothes fussy and uncomfortable. They move around too much, IYKWIM.
  • I live in the city and am out many times a day walking Sam and doing errands. In all weather too. No driving. I wear what I always wear with sneakers. And have at-home-only sneakers. I don't need dog park clothes.
  • I work at a proper big desk so keep my supportive at-home-only shoes on at home, which add polish to my outfits. No need to kick them off because of working on a laptop on the couch.
  • I don't wear heels so I don't have hem challenges at home.
  • I cook a lot, and wear a gigantic apron over my outfit, AND push my sleeves up. No bell sleeves.
  • I change into loungewear at night and unwind for the's a psychological thing more than anything else.

The times I've had PT in the middle of the day and had to put gear back on and walk to PT at say 1 or 2 pm is highly annoying. I try not to do that.

I saw these at BR and thought they might spark some ideas:

Thank you , Angie. I've seen these pieces too and was considering some, but they are pretty much all sold out in my sizes. Your needs and mine are very different, as are our work-at-home styles I don't wear shoes in the house , never have , but do agree that too floppy and loose is not conducive to feeling put together and in charge. I also have a theory that wearing clothes with too little structure can be dangerous for those of us who experience weight fluctuations. Too many days/weeks in leggings or sweats and all of a sudden your jeans or pants are too tight . I too make a change for evening reading or tv - but usually into pjs = totally psychological. I do feel pretty frumpy in my pjs and robe though and am often embarrassed wondering what my husband thinks when he sees me in them - but that's another wardrobe category hole to be filled at another time

Lisa - first, love your hair. Looking so good!

Second, I am currently wearing these Lululemon On The Fly 7/8 Pant 27". The pant is dressier-looking than the On The Fly Jogger, which I recently fell in love with, but just as comfortable. I took a chance ordering the Pant, as they're on final sale, and sized up to a 6, and am glad I did. Love them! They hit right at my ankle. The fabric is smooth, stretchy, and a good weight. They do not bag out with wear.

On the website it's styled as super casual gear, but I bet they can doll right up!

(Apologies, I still cannot seem to collect on a regular basis)

Hi Laurie - I have these pants and wear them frequently to work . I will be ordering another pair in the jogger style this week ! I have 3-4 diff versions of the OTF pant and agree that they are great - I find them pretty true to size for me .

Lisa - I hear you with the stretchy clothes.......and I concur!!

I'm late and didn't read most of the comments, but I just wanted to tell you how enamored I am of this whole look, both on its own and especially with the addition of the coat and scarf. I'm all in favor of an at-home uniform and, like you, am pretty active in my house. I do spend a good chunk of the day just typing on my laptop, but it's always interspersed with cooking and cleaning, curbside pickups, setting up photo shoots, and taking outdoor walks. There's no way I'm going to change for each different activity. Your solution is perfect.

On a slightly related note... I picked these up on a whim the other day and OMG...they actually work pretty well! My white cat was crawling all over my black linen dress today and not a single hair stuck.