I'm the guest fashion stylist at a pop-up Amazon fashion event later tomorrow afternoon. (I live is Seattle, and Amazon's head office is here - hence the event).

I'll be on my feet for 3 hours, and speaking to anyone who has a fashion or style question. I will not be presenting. No snow, but it might be wet. No biggie because I'm going to Uber in from home since parking is a mare.

I have some ideas, but just for fun, I'd like to hear your ideas on what I should wear.

If you like, here's my wardrobe:


ETA: It's a sunny, gorgeous day - although coId. Wanted to put my outfit together this afternoon because my mood affects what I choose to wear. I am an emotional person - controlled and diciplined, but very emotional. The gilet felt off. Too Wintery. The orange pants too trendy. The gold booties too casual. So I went for this next - see exact items in Finds - which felt dead right instantly. Crisp, graphic, classic, professional, a little retro, and happy. Follow your feelings!

Pic in funny light. My jeans are glowing with a mind of their own.