Thanks, Carla. Great outfit, but not for this event because my blue bell bottoms are too faded and casual, and I must wear a jacket of sorts. My dark cropped flares are in the running though.

I could also wear a dress over cropped flares....hmmmm....but those dresses are too dark or too Summery. Scratch that idea.

I love the idea of pants with the paper bag waist because it is fresh and casual at the same time (like Amazon). And a bright top.

Although I could make a case for white jeans combined with your blue booties or gold, navy sweater, gold belt. You would be wearing something approachable for them. Polished yet not too polished.

Pictures - we want pictures of what you decide

Have fun!

I don't have any suggestions that are better than what you've already received, but I'm following this thread with interest as this is such a fun topic.

The outfit you posted with your new gold boots looked fab and fun.

Cherylm, great suggestions. I don't have my Spring red paperbag waist pants from Boden yet unfortunately. Back order. But white jeans are sounding very good. And I'll be dressier than most at Amazon. Am very used to it with my Microsoft clientele, IYKWIM.

Thanks, Sara. You're fab.

Linder51, you're in the same wavelength as Suz. Orange pants are a great option.

IMO White Jeans are part of your signature look, so i'd go there....white boots as well...and the Boden velvet blazer if you are leaning more fall/winter or the AT fringe blazer is you are feeling for spring

kkards, another great outfit suggestion.

I'm going to have FUN putting this outfit together tomorrow.

How very exciting, Angie!! And whatever you end up wearing, you'll look absolutely stunning of course.

But this is so fun!-))

If you want a nod to Spring, I'm liking the idea of your bright yellow Teddie pants (if they are warm enough). With the stunning Boden polka dot blazer, either cream striped pullover or the navy and yellow stripe to echo the trousers. White booties and pearls, of course.

Have a great time!


What, you're not going to do Seattle black ?!?!
Carefull don't scare the Amazonians

What about the polka dot dress? Though I'm having trouble thinking of a topper.
If you do white boot cuts, I like the JCrew orange cabled sweater

ETA Or one of the stripey tops with the Rag& Bone Gilet and gold boots. Might need pearls to make it less masculine

Now see, I find a situation like this to be a dilemma. On the one hand, as a stylist, one wants to display flare, be Interesting. After all, YOU have style and taste, and no one wants a stylist without those things. On the other hand, you think back to the days of the great department stores and fashion houses, and they’d be staffed by people in precise but also somewhat subdued dress. Even a uniform. Because you are in service, you don’t want to scare anyone, and when you’re finished - the client should outshine even you...

...yah, so I think you should wear burgundy with a hit of citron... lol, I’m sure there is some logic that follows from my first thought, just can’t say what it is...

I'd like to see the beautiful burgundy boots get an outing for this...

Anna, I have to scare the Amazonians! Make my entrance

Love the idea of the orange and navy. YES, the gilet is in the running.

Thanks, Inge. The yellow pants and striped tops are too casual and Summery - but cute outfits though. They make me think "Inge" when I look at them! The polka dot blazer is a huge contender, so high five. Maybe with white bell bottom jeans and an orange jumper. You and Anna are on a the same wavelength.

I love that last suggestion -- it incorporates my ideas and just switches out the trousers from orange to white denim.

This shows how functional your wardrobe really is. All packed for a trip, but you still have several good outfits available to choose from. This is one of the reasons I usually pack the night before!

Jenni, no burgundy boots this time round - although I love them. Too Wintery. Next time.

Rachy, I recently wore burgundy with citron and loved it. High five.

Janet, you crack me up. YES, I am very fortunate to have a wardrobe that I love, and that works for just about any setting.

Rachylou: you mean like how hairdressers usually dress in black?
Angie you will no doubt look brilliant :).

How fun! I would have picked exactly the same outfit as Anchie, bit if those pieces are packed, what about wearing your Mirabelle Boden blazer?

Jussie, you are sweet.

Suz, you and Anna have navy, orange, gold and white on the mind. Me too.....

Dianna, YES. The ink blue polka blazer is a STRONG contender.

I have a feeling you'll be wearing the polka dot blazer

Sounds interesting! I think the gilet too. I loved it with the pussy cat bow blouse (striped? I think).

Lots of pearls.

May be the sea foam Furla (?) bag for a nod to Spring (please come soon Spring!).

Jussie, exactly! Svelte, yet neutral, quiet.

The polka dot blazer is pretty great. It’s clever but not flash.

ETA: the blazer is also blue. Blue is calm, sensible, elegant, stable... real people don’t want crazy... they want the crazy fixed!

bonnie, aren't you sweet to throw in my EXACT wardrobe items. You are on the same wavelength as many, and I love that. My chartreuse coat is packed...but I have plenty others.

Smittie, you're awfully sweet too. Fun look. I'll need a jacket though - for extra polish, and the lemon jeans are being altered. But how cute are my party shoes for this event. Fun with crops.

Gilet, gilet!

I'm still working out my own gilet outfit for tonight!

Jane, I knew you'd like the ink blue toppers, and suggest them. I don't have a sea foam Furla - do you mean turquoise?

Suz, you crack me up. I want to see your outfit for tonight.

Could I vote again, to not wear the gilet? I think one of your jackets will look much more you and more relatable to the customers?
When I went to the Style Masterclass at NZ Fashion Weekend I did really enjoy that my favourite NZ stylist Louise Hilsz was wearing her signature bright colours. It made me feel like I know her a bit even though I don't know her at all?