white jeans and white footwear...it really is your signature!


Thank you so much, ladies.

Bonnie, Mirjana and kkards, what a sweet thing to say.

You look lovely ,hope you had a great time,oh and can I have the name of your washing detergent.Your whites are so white they emit their own light!

Those white pants are "magical". hahaha. You look fantastic and very "Angie". Love the light with color and a neutral (ie blazer) to balance everything perfectly. Hope you had a lot of fun.

mtnsofthemoon, you are soooo supportive. Thank you.

Cardiff girl, I DO take my laundry seriously.....

Angie: Imogen at Inside Out Style has posts on color intensity, value and hue? I may have some of that wrong. Anyway, La Ped called your outfit a “column of brights,” and I realized that`s why I liked it. Both the white jeans and yellow turtleneck glowed.; they had the same intensity. I wonder how many other matching columns one can come up with that aren`t matching in actual color hue?

I was so curious to see what you'd pick. Great choice, very "you" and very chic!

What you wore was prefect. Great to see the new sunglasses in action, even more lovely that I imagined they would be.

Thank you so much sweet, Chiara and Bijou. You make me blush and smile.

Column, ah. Now I get it. FWIW, this is my fast response. I am free and intuitive with colour mixing because I do not see colour in isolation like Image Consultants tend to do - AND I have a high affinity for colour mixing. For example, I love citron with pastels like light blue and blush - a different intensity to white. I might add white to that palette because white makes things very crisp, and I enjoy crisp outfits.

Colours and colour mixing is a VERY personal and emotional thing. I think of tomato red and animal print as neutrals (extreme), yet others will think of brown as a colour (another extreme). Another example: I like pastels and brights with black and navy - others don't because the intensities are different. It's very subjective. Hope that makes sense.

I am with you on your color preferences ( red and leopard as neutrals, brown as a color, pastels like blush with black and navy) and you look stunning, stylish and professional. I hope it was fun.

Before scrolling down to see the picture, I thought, full length white jeans and Boden floral blazer and something citron. So I wasn’t too far off. You looked very fab of course!