Yeah - using one every day . I have a work trip coming up this weekend and want/need to look my best . My stylist /colourist had the temerity to escape to Florida this week

Please don’t go away. Your posts are always interesting, your outfits are always fab, even when you don’t like them, and your hair looks good no matter what color it is.

Hairdresser's trip sponsored by you!

I love your haircut in these pictures. Can't picture the hair color, but it too will pass. Love the boots too!

Love those boots and so glad to hear from you. I’ve been thinking about you -missing your posts and hoping you were healing. Injuries are the worst -my body craves comfort and sweet/salty/rich treats are my immediate go to. And being injured over holidays just compounds the problem. Take comfort in knowing you look great! Now let’s see the new color!

Lisa, you are one of my fashion icons. You always look pulled together and fab. I really like the skirted leggings with the assymetrical sweater and those earrings. Hope your shoulder feels better soon. Kudos for even trying to get dressed and do hair and make-up. A good friend had a shoulder injury and could not lift her arm above her waist. She had to endure her DH doing her hair and makeup.

Love the cut!! It looks incredible on you. I can't speak to colour since I know how personal that is and how it also depends on lighting etc. but I will say...for me, I stopped dyeing when I hated it after colour as much as before. OTOH...I was older than you are now when I truly stopped AND cool complexioned vs. warm. These things are so complicated. Personally I think you still look great as a blonde or redhead. I had stopped looking good as such, and so.

Love the new puffer and the fantastic boots! As for skirted leggings, I am still reeling with envy that I can't wear the darn things. So ROCK ON!

You look pretty good for such a decrepit person.

When my then 92 YO mother was hospitalized after tripping in her parking garage, I asked the doctor which bones she broke. “The patella and the humerus,” he said. “That’s funny,” I said. Stone faced stare from the doctor...

Badass is right! You look great and I love your hair. I don’t think it looks too blonde—hard to tell with indoor photos but the overall look is fab! You look super stylish and cool (as usual!)

Those are definitely great boots.
And having broken 5 ribs, 2 toes, a shin & ankle, I send much commiseration & also healing vibes.
If it makes you feel better hair wise, my bob got taken way too short & I currently feel I am channeling Moe from the three stooges!

In other words, your hair is infinitely cooler looking.

Yay! Lovely to see you. Your outfit looks so well put together and polished. Love those boots, and the scarf (of course!).

So pleased that your arm is healing.

I’m thinking of getting some skirted leggings. Have you any tips? They feel abit ‘out there’ for me but would be super at the weekend.

It sounds very very cold.

LOVE having you back, and from all the comments above, I am not alone.

Ummlila always says it best and is 100% right. You have a wonderful presence on the forum and incredible style. How beautiful are you in your new coat? The pink lining in the hood really makes it special. Bonus, if you are not happy with your hair, just wear the hood. I love how you find such lovely pieces as all the elements here are elegant with a certain edge. Very glad to see that you are on the mend and out of a sling - hopefully it only gets better for you in 2019 from here.

super cold here...and to make matters worse, yesterday 12 barges got loose on one of the rivers and hit some bridges, so they had to close them during the morning commute so that they could inspect them....which then meant i had to go 1/2hour out of my way to get to work...winter s**ks.....
anyway, back to you....puffer and boots are FAB...and love them with the skirted leggings! the hair thing...sorry, no ideas...i'm sticking with long, even thought my hairdresser wants to cut it, becuase i'm afaird short will bring attention to by double chin....
hope that physio will help with the rest of your healing...

Don't ever stop posting Lisa I enjoy your presence very much.
I'm a boot girl and am having boot envy right now. They look fab on you in fact the whole outfit is great . Regarding the hair I have blonde highlights and I think it's very hard to keep them "right" for me. They seem to have the ability to look different each time I go, however that's not always a bad thing as I've had some bad looks lately. I totally agree about the hair and skin color, I'm struggling with that. I don't think that your hair looks bad at all but it's certainly a personal thing and if you're not happy then that's a problem.

See, this is where we’re so hard on ourselves.
I see the pics and think that is a great cold-weather stylish outfit and person, fab boots, great haircut.

Thank you all - your welcoming comments are so appreciated.

Anyways - the moral of my hair story is : resist the urge to do different things when you aren't yourself. Every time I've gone in to see my stylist with some crazy idea , thinking it will fix whatever life problem I'm having, IT"S A DISASTER.

My husband, who rarely, if ever comments on what I'm wearing and whose opinions I DO NOT seek , observed how nice and cozy my coat looked . Which in his language means it's the best thing he's ever seen. I really love that there is no fake fur hood trim, and that it is a bit different than the average puffer out there. No basic parkas for me

Jane- skirted leggings are tricky. When I got these (from Deborah, an Australian forum member) , I decided they were so great that I sought out every skirted legging I could find and then bought them all. Yeah, no. Most were of the workout variety , i.e. really tight and fitted , cupped the bum, and generally looked far too casual and weren't all that comfortable to wear. These are actually jersey, with no spandex, and don't hug and cling...thus making them look and act like a short asymmetrical skirt over slim pants. I feel fine wearing them to work as the clingy sporty look isn't there. They aren't the best quality ever, but I am still wearing them about 2x a month , 4 years in. I will say that I haven't seen many, if any at all, at retail in a few years now...

I think you always look great, love the coat and boots and skirted leggings. I understand how it is with hair though, a bad hair day, let alone a bad hair month, makes me feel terrible when no one else even notices. At least it grows out...

I've got steely gray hair, too, so I still get highlights on the top and sides. On the plus side, the process makes my hair easier to style. YLF wouldn't be the same without your wit and wisdom. You seem to get right at the heart of whatever is being discussed and I value your contributions.

Ok ,so you are not a winter person! And rehab always sucks(says the physio)but you always manage to look incredibly up to date and trendy in your posts.The spring will come ,your arm will heal and you will appreciate this all the more for what you have been through now.Keep up with the exercises!

Your hair looks great, as usual. I really like the light blonde.
Outfit is great! The parka does indeed look cozy.

So glad that you and your fab self are sticking around. And go you for being out of the sling already!

What no one has said so far: HOW did you manage to impulse-buy such an amazing puffer coat? This is the opposite of shopping for a fantasy life; this is shopping for the reality that we prefer to ignore and escape. Well done-- your instincts are spot on.

Thank you Lisa. That is helpful. I’ve been thinking about ones I’ve seen in All Saints. They are on sale. I’ve not tried on yet, but it kind of feels like I could have an alternative outfit to jeans at the weekend which would be good.

Good to hear from you, Lisa. I was wondering about you. I value your input on the forum. Your boots are fantastic. The puffer looks edgy. How can a puffer look edgy? I have a novelti coat. They are good quality.

Wohoo! Your Motto Skirted Leggings look awesome! I really like this outfit and would wear it in a heartbeat! Rocking the puffer too x

I always admired your mcQueen scarf- which is your signiture look (happy you found a replace of the lost one!), love the parka and the boots, too-and hope your arm is getting completely healed soon!!!
As for the hair I think I know what you (and Angie) mean about not loving it dyed all that fake white/blonde. I also tried it, and never liked, I just have to have some roots, or lowlights, too.
Now, till your hairdresser available again to do a better job, you can still easily fix this with a color spray for roots in dark brown!! I discovered and applied this technique when half of my head was shaved before my CI surgery, and needed to see some color between my very short and fine blonde hairs growing out. And this method was working good when hair came out too white from dying the roots, too. Simply applied daily some dark brown spray on the roots (and on the skin between, too-or blend with fingers there-using gloves) till your own roots come out again. Dare and go with the dark brown and NOT the blonde!

Happy chick-as it looks very natural-and washes out with water. You'll have to play a bit with the exact spraying amount, speed and distance-start closer but not in a static spot, and quickly blend on skin if too much and wet but pay attention to color spreading around in the bathroom, too. Hope this will help uprising your mood, too!:-))

I like your choices and you look great. So much so that I ordered the coat and the H&M sweater down thread. Thanks!

This is my favorite iteration of your hair colour!! Lol lol. So it’s all down to personal preference.....