Hello, a new one here, I am cecili~~

This site seems wonderful. I hope that I will find great suggestions here and also share my thoughts through the forum.

Thanks for providing us such a wonderful platform.

Hi, I just joined YLF after reviewing the site and being impressed with the transparency and quality of information. I live in MN, USA and dress for the cold more months of the year than less. Fashion has not been a priority, mostly because I am in IT (computer techy) and if we get out of jeans and a polo shirt it frightens everyone (they think we are *up* to something). Having just had a hysterectomy, I find that it triggered a desire to learn about color and style - or maybe it is that I am over 40 (??) I am not sure but its great to have sites like this where information can be shared in a safe manner. I look forward to this transition and all the goodness that I can learn from the members of this site.

Well done for this amazing thread .I am newbie here.Thanks for starting this welcome thread for all new comers.I am so happy after the part of this community .

I'm so thrilled to have discovered this site! The resource information is clear, concise, and easy to find. I look forward to reading more and am happy to be a new member of your community.

I am new here,and i hope that i will great and well suggestion from here.
This site is more better for us search the forums.its a wonderful platform
all of you.thanx

Hello all,

I am also new here and this website seems pretty interesting so far. So can we post pretty much anything about fashion, style and such on here then?

Hi there!

I just joined YouLookFab! I'm an LA fashion lawyer by day, fashion blogger by night and I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow fashion-minded gals! =)

personal style and fashion musings of an LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane.

He evryone how are you..

Hi,I just became a member,have been following the blog for a year now and LOVE it.
I'm german and live inthe capital Berlin.Twenty years ago I lived in the bay area as an au pair,which my daughter does right now.
I'm 43 and love looking stylish and still need to be comfortable.Love the inspiration on this site:))Thanks Angie

Hello Angie! Poppy LaRue here and I'm so excited to be on here. I am excited to be inspired by all the wonderful photos and blogs. I love your style ALWAYS,,,,!!!!

So glad I found this site!! What a great community, awesome support and advice.

Hi, I'm Amelie and I'm new here. I've been reading through the blog articles and got the urge to join up. I got into fashion several months ago and look all the time for new information and ways to improve my style. This site is awesome and I can't wait to get into the forums, it's nice to see so many other women who are also interested in this stuff!

Hi other forum-goers! Just wanted to drop by a give a simple Hello

I am the new member in this forum. I like such forums and have been looking for such forum for more then a week. I am very glad to be the member of this community.

Thanks for staring this. I hope it helps me and others who want to have some style. My name is Beck and I am 50 and need to update my style choices as I've been home with the kids for the past 13 years.

Hello everyone! New member here! looking forward to reading your posts.
Hi, newbie here. How have I not heard of this site, I have no idea! I love the diversity!
Hello! I am so excited about joining this site. Looking forward to being part of this community!

Oh WOW- I am wearing a Beverley Like Hills-inspired outfit today!!

De-lurker here. I left a little info about myself in the Who's Who. Excited to finally join in.

I just signed up
love to shop, read about it, so this looks like the place, and I love not to pay full price.

So happy to be here!! There are enough style blogs for twenty-somethings... what about those of us who haven't given up?

Wow it's a good idea..

Thank you for accepting me here!

I just found the page and I am already in love with it !
Thank you so much for creating it.


EUREKA, so glad to be a member of this site!

Hi I am Susan and new here, I work in a company in business of wedding dresses and evening dresses. Hope can share the fashion dresses styles here.

Hey everyone! New to the site, can't wait to upload my pics! I'm a medical student in western Canada.


Hi, I'm Chris from Ottawa Canada. I guess I am what you would call a "mature lady" , but don't want to dress like one. I found Angie's fabulous site about 6 months ago and was hooked. I just joined the forum and think I will learn a lot from you guys. Thanks Angie.