I'm having a tough time with the "new fashion " - which I've mentioned here before.  I love keeping abreast of different trends and looks, even if I don't adopt every one of them.  I really enjoy the longer. looser , less fitted jeans and cargos that are everywhere now, but anything I've tried on makes me feel fat (sorry to use that word, but it's my experience I'm sharing) and unattractive.  I can't figure out what my version is of these new looks should be.   My body has changed a lot in the past few years, and I've definitely gained a lot of weight, which is difficult to remedy.  I know that we are to not let the clothes and the  changes in silhouette boss us around ....so I revert to what I know, while not moving forward.  

Feeling a little stuck  I could use some visuals of these new looks on someone more my size - as opposed to the tall, thin models we see in Fashion Week photos . Surely I’m not then only one who struggles with new silhouettes on a body that wasn’t what it once was ??

I wore this for a lunch date yesterday with one of my best friends...weekends are where I get to dress, put on makeup and fragrance and do the things that make me feel fab. I joked to my gf that I have one " good blouse" (we love that term and often quote our mothers using it) and I wear it for every event .   She was wearing a Kors mixed media bomber jacket from 2009 , cropped flare GAP jeans and Taos combat boots.  

old kick crop flares in coated denim - Massimo Dutti
old chiffon print boho blouse - Anthro
new(er)  chunky chain trim mules - Brown's Couture 
fishnet knee his 
old quilted coat - BR
old Coach bag
fragrance: Thymes Aqua Coralline (I used to rep this line and still have lots of product ) 
earrings : Nickle & Suede (pretty over the top, but eh, once in awhile they are fun) 

* Please no "you are being too hard on yourself" comments?  Thanks  

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