I haven't done a check-in for a long time.

To recap from older posts, the "wear everything twice challenge" from myself can be found:
here (second newest check-in, about 9 months ago)

here-older check-in, after my first month starting the challenge

and here-first check-in post, where it all started

The first check-in above, also highlights and links to all of Kate's posts (a total of four) which got the ball rolling for me. This includes her first check-in thread which was a lightbulb moment for me.

Additional check-ins by Kate can be found:
here-month two,
here-month three
and the finale found here-month four.

So where am I up to lately?

Onto the numbers.

Blazers 11 (no change!)

Button Down Shirts and Blouses 7 (down 5 from the last check-in)

Sweaters I can Layer 16 (This has gone up 3 from the last check-in, oh my!)

Sweaters (that are toppers, cannot layer something over them) 9 (no change!)

Cardigans 18 (This has gone up 3 from the last check-in, oh no!)

Jeans and Trousers 12 (This has gone down 5 from the last check-in)

Skirts and Shorts 3 (This is really a shorts only category now, all skirts have been purged, I'm down 6 from the last check-in)

Dresses 12 (no change!)

Scarves 12 (This has gone down 6 from the last check-in)

LS T's (also used for layering, when the sweaters above are too big to layer with) 8 (This has gone down 7 from the last check-in)

Belts 3 (This has gone down 11 from the last check-in, I rarely wear belts)

Vests were deleted at the last check-in

Short Sleeve T-Shirts 10 (This has gone down 3 from the last check-in)

Short Sleeve Tops 13 (This has gone down 12 from the last check-in)

So where do I go from here? I've been tracking my clothes for almost two years now and here are a few realizations for me since the last check-in.

I am on team "always cold" and need very little warm weather clothing. I am still holding onto too many short sleeve tops and dresses and should really purge further so these can move on to a new home. I also seem to really favor the same handful of combinations, despite re-mixing potential in my closet.

I also decided to add a little twist to this check-in.

#1-3--Show one side of my closet with all the potential items to wear in warm weather. I run 3 months of warm weather in my area and am almost halfway through month 3. At this point in the season I should know what I really am and am not wearing. Tank tops and footwear are not shown as these are already streamlined areas for me.

#4-6--Show what I am really wearing this season. The green jeans stayed, they have only been worn once but are a very recent purchase (a sale rack item while shopping NAS). A few items of clothing are not shown as they are in the wash. Any items that were not worn at all thus far in the season or not worn at least twice by this point in the season were removed.

Looks like I just found some new items to add to a holding zone. All I need to do now is decide how long to hold until I determine I no longer need these items. Perhaps I'll wait another 3 months, to finish off the warm weather here and ensure I don't start mixing items into my fall outfits. At least now I can see what I really wear and start swapping items in and out of the holding zone as I see which pieces re-mix better than others. This will help expand my wardrobe while keeping my closet small.

And the numbers from photos #1-3 and #4-6----

#1-3-Blazers-5, Cardigans-10, Shirts-7, Sweaters-3, LS Ts-4, Jeans/Trousers-10, Dresses-6, Short Sleeve Tops-13, T-Shirts-10, Shorts-3.

#4-6-Blazers-4, Cardigans-7, Shirts-2, Sweaters-1, LS Ts-2, Jeans/Trousers-7, Dresses-3, Short Sleeve Tops-7, T-Shirts-9, Shorts-3.

Thanks for reading!

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