Well worth a look:

1. If you don't like stiff Tomboy denim jackets - TRY THIS ONE. It's extremely soft, comfortable, and has a lot of stretch, Very tailored and quite sharp in silhouette. FLATTERING, (and slimming for those who like to create a slim look). The fit is fabulously streamlined despite the subtle peplum. It is not cropped in person, so don't take too much notice of the way it hangs on the model. Every client who has tried it on so far has liked it. It works on a range of body types because it's tailored and moulds to the body. It can absolutely pass for business casual because you have to look very closely to notice that it's denim. It's BLUE, not black. Plus, you can dress it up. Fab with pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. Its uniqueness and my love for denim jackets gave it a spot in my wardrobe. Ladylike, elegant and pretty. I've already worn in twice, and it layers well under my new Spring yellow cocoon coat.

2. These Gap shorts almost changed my mind about wearing shorts! Flattering and elegant - and not see-through in white. The longer length is more elegant to my eye, and has a button-fly. Great fit. (They didn't follow me home because I much prefer to wear skirts and dresses than shorts).

You can get both items on discount at the moment. I paid $88 for the jacket.