Love the jacket - hope it works out for you ladies!! The shape does look very versatile and flattering.

Forget about the dress, Angie. I have just checked again, and it is sold out in my size, only smaller sizes remaining, butI will try the jacket in the tall version.

Ooh, I m super tempted by that denim jacket - it looks dressy enough to work for business casual office with dresses and skirts. I'd like it be pretty fitted, I wonder if I should try it in 2 or in 0.

Tanya, try a US2.

Dianna, rotten luck.

Sal, you're dead right.

Katerina, you crack me up.

I have the white 12 inch shorts from the Gap. They fit like a glove and I wear them quite often, very versatile. I may have to check out that denim dress.

Oh, what a coincidence, I ordered this jacket last week, but it has not arrived yet. It is even better deal in EU BR shop, only 39,99 Euros. I am slightly worried about die transfer, because I had trousers from BR in similar dark denim fabric that transfered everywhere, on my hands, on handbag, on tops....

I love both pieces. No surprise in that!

High five, Suz.

There is no die-transfer, Anchie. Mine is tried and tested over WHITE and citron.

Linder51, thanks for the shorts validation.

I have ordered the jacket is size 2 Tall and will report on the fit - I really want to try to get the peplum to hit at the right spot. Thank you for the heads up, Angie!

Angie -i like that Jacket get a lot but can it be worn open? I find I get more wear out of jackets that can be worn open too - otherwise they function like tops to me.

As well, the matching dress seems like my perfect cut - is it the same stretchy, comfortable material?

Yay, Tanya. Keep us posted which size works best.

Roxanna, you can ABSOLUTELY wear the jacket open. I have only done that so far. Dress is almost a perfect fabric match.

After all of these interesting comments about the fit I went ahead and also ordered the jacket in tall. Now I will get to try 4 jackets, two regs and two talls.
Not that I am tall by any means but just in case the waist of the regular is too high up for me.
You cannot say that I don’t do my homework

Love the elegant silhouette with refined deinm! Thanks for sharing!

Ive been liking long shorts like you show above. I’ve already got 2 pair of white shorts, otherwise I’d try those out. The denim topper looks promising for many uses. Denim jackets always feel boxy to me. If I needed a jacket like that, it looks like a good one.

The return of long shorts? I didn't realize they ever left!

I’m excited about this jacket. I’m drawn to pretty summer dresses but am always looking for ways to make them seem a bit more urban and less saccharine. I think a topper like this might do just the trick. Thanks, sweet @Angie!

Whata great jacket! It's on sale on the BR EU site (39.99€!!), but currently out of stock in my size. It may be interesting for other european fabbers!

I'm tempted by the BR jacket which would be great for my new casual workplace, but I struggle with collarless jackets. They never feel right on me.
Like Shevia - I didn't realize long shorts had left either. The only shorts I really wear consistently are 2 pair of Paige denim long white shorts very similar to these (not frayed) that I will duplicate any chance I get. I wonder if these will live up to them?

Great finds; white shorts are on my shopping list for summer so I'll check those out!

Tried on the size 12 in the denim jacket - I can see why you recommend it so highly, Angie. Sooo cute and very comfortable even though it was a size too small for me. Too bad! I would have to order the size 14 - the talls in larger sizes seem sold out, so I’m still on the fence. Not so sure about the look for me.

I also tried on the stripe jacket in pic #2. The 14 fit better but very snug in the mid section. Too bad on this one too. I like the lines a lot.

No sale here yet.

Chris M, it looks great that size. A little short. You need a 12 tall.

And where is jacket #2 too small? It's fabulous.

Chris! The striped blazer looks fabulous on you!

Thanks Angie - yes, probably need a 12 or 14 Tall in the denim jacket to get the proportions right. Thanks also, Runcarla - the stripe jacket is a 14, and was snug in the waist when fastened. I usually wear jackets open, but double breasted? With the button hole in the front placket? Love the fabric ...

Thanks Angie, very appreciated! I did see the shorts at the Gap, but they didn't make it in the trying room with me because I am still badly burned by a different pair (TM mid-rise which on me was more low than mid). This one indeed is completely different. White longer shorts are in fact very useful and versatile in the summer.

I love these, wish the jacket came in a petite. Might be worth trying anyway.

ChrisM, the striped blazer does not need to close. It's perfect as is in that size. No need to do yoga in a blazer....

RobinF, the regular worked on my 5ft client.

Krish, try the Gap shorts.

Trying both of these, but had somehow missed the detail of the button fly on the shorts.

Sorry, Angie -- can't bear all that fussing.

YES, I know, April. The button fly is an acquired taste.

The button fly on the Gap shorts lays flat, does not gap and they are high waisted.

Linder 51, you're right. The button-fly DOES lie flat and it's an excellent fit. You have to be prepared to do up the buttons though - which we are, but others are not.