I missed this post somehow, and only caught the thread later in Jane's version. Such a great-looking jacket! I am definitely going to seek it out. The slight, high peplum, uncluttered round necklline, and soft, stretchy texture could make it a workhorse for me. I think it would be perfect with white jeans.

I've discovered that I really like peplum styles. I'm not drawn to classic jean jackets but this one is quite appealing so I'm tempted to try it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Tanya, I'm wondering how your size 2 Tall worked out?

I had ordered a 2 Regular and it arrived today. As the description on the BR site notes, it's fitted at the bust and roomy at the waist, which made me wonder how it was on You Of the Tiny Waist?

Even on Me of the No Waist, the waist is roomy -- but of course the peplum creates the illusion of a waist.

Thinking of trying the 0, except if it's any more snug in the bust, it will pull.