In what is surely RECORD Covid delivery time , I got the Kate Hewko tulle skirt.

I have to apologize first for the absolutely horrific quality of the photos. It was the worst time of day to try this, but I need to go out on some errands and wanted to post while I could. I tried to lighten and brighten things but that distorted colours etc. You'll have to imagine a bit.

I didn't really style it too much -- just threw on a top and tried with a couple of toppers and various footwear.

Sizing -- the waist is TTS, I would say. There is not much give there, so if considering and between sizes in the waist, go up.

Hip area -- there is a tiny bit of give there because the underskirt is made of a slightly stretchy fabric -- very comfortable.

Quality -- I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, we are talking about a polyester tulle skirt, not a bespoke jacket, but the design is clever, the colours are really great IRL, the stitching is all very secure and even, the buttons of solid and attractive.

On to the photos!

First five images show it with pink flats -- just showing how it looks all around. I find the flats too "little girl" for this and would not wear it this way except in the house, I suspect. I think the length is fine for me so it might be too short for you, Janet? You could call them and ask for lengths at your size.

Next image with navy booties and denim jacket.

7.8 with short pointed toe black booties.

9/10 with red plaid stompy boots -- this could work for double plaid with the right top or topper.

Trying it out with the gilet.

#14 shows the underskirt portion.

#15 and #16 show the fabric and a close up of waistband area.

It feels good on -- light and floaty. I would not say it makes me feel slim, however. There is still that feeling of a slightly pouffy waist/ hip area that you tend to get with full skirts, no matter what. At the same time, it's way less exaggerated than with many skirts of this kind and the pleats really do stay flat.

So....what think you? K/R?

A note -- Mr. Suz's initial reaction was positive. He loved the plaid.

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