So good on you Suz!

Love it! The denim jacket is a great look, and I bet it would look great with a sleeveless version too (denim vest, but jacket style). Very 90s.

Thanks, all. I ordered a new mirror just so I can model a few more looks for you in a room without as much light interference. Stay posted!

Returning to this thread to say congrats on your upcoming in-person book-related fun!! Yay! How wonderful to be able to share your work in-person!

Also excited about your new mirror :).

Looks very edgy in a good way on you.punk lite,Vivienne Westwood kind of edgy.l vote keep it!

Suz, I'm terribly late to this but holy cow, you knocked this one out of the park! Killer skirt and amazing outfit combinations. Congratulations on your book - would love to hear more about that too! Is it available to pre-order?

Thanks, Laura -- the book has been out since May -- this is just the first in person event (assuming it happens, ha!). Canada's vaccine rollout was slower than in the US so we had no in -person events in the spring here.

Oh when I saw it with the boots and the denim jacket, I immediately wanted one of those skirts myself. That is fabulous. I would definitely keep it.

Amazing to have a grown-up life with multiple opportunities to wear tulle, seriously!

I don’t want to post the same thing twice, but I wonder what you think of the reasons for tulle’s current popularity in the Fashionista article I just posted on Star’s purple tulle thread.

Suz this skirt is everything! And you have styled it beautifully. Tulle skirts play a key role in my wardrobe and of course now I want this one lol! On the search now a little closer to home xxx