Dancing - gasp !

I still don't have my phone so can't snap new photos (yet) but have been trying on some items with it. So far, I'm finding that a top that goes OVER the waist instead of being tucked pleases me more, although I have lots of "to tuck" options. But what I've liked best so far are these: they are gentle peplums.

For footwear, on a dressy occasion, I'd definitely wear the EF pumps. They are great with it.

Jackets that work great are the little military knit, the Trouvé tux jacket, and my moto, though with the moto I definitely need heavier footwear to balance.

I will also try it with my sequinned cami. And with turtlenecks.

Omg I love this so much on you

Keep! You will have fun finding your favorite stylings.
I have a Garnet Hill tulle skirt I hope I may wear again. I also tend toward untucked but short tops with it.
For different seasons you could try short boxy T’s or a cropped ( not midriff) cashmere sweater.

I am absolutely delighted to see you in this skirt Suz! I feel like this is exactly in line with your overall style goals (if I may presume to have a sense of them). And it looks absolutely smashing on and in so many ways. And you have just the events to make it a sensible addition to your wardrobe. And it is Canadian! Big win all around - hope to see it on Janet and possibly others eventually too!
(Also hair is looking especially fab!)

Looking at all your options for styling this skirt is making me giddy! The moto. The military jacket. The blazer. Turtlenecks. White denim jacket. A magenta sweater. Wheeeee!!!!

The question really seems to be now, when WON'T you want to wear it?

The live events sound marvellous. Enjoy!

I love it and would wear this in a heartbeat anywhere and everywhere. Of course this is about you and not me, but wow, if ever there was a tulle skirt with your name on it, this one is it!

Adore it with toppers. I bet it would be great over tights too. Bring on the layers! Tulle is so much more visually interesting than the usual winter leggings or skinnies.

I hope you keep it Suz. I love it with the stompy boots tfirst, then the pointy ankle boots. I could also see it going well with a high-heeled edgy pump.

I couldn't even make it to the end of your picties here-as I became so excited just seeng it in the first some!!! It fits and S.U.I.T.S. you gorgeously!!!!!! You styled it so grown up, I would say---it's really killer-even with those flats in the first raw!!! Please, KEEP!!!!

It's fantastic. LOVE.

Glad it worked out, the skirt looks fantastic on you. It is great to have a unique, unexpected, statement piece in a wardrobe like yours or mine that is fairly modern classic. Happy for you!

The skirt looks perfect on you, in particular with the short jacket.

How great that you already have places/events where you know you can wear it!

KEEP! That skirt looks amazing on you!

"I didn't really style it too much -- just threw on a top and tried with a couple of toppers and various footwear." Seriously? You just threw those looks together fast, and the result is fabulous!

It's great to see you, Suz! I love this for you and join the jean-jacket-and-boots group. I am excited to see you style it further!

(My solution, since my good full length mirror also faces a window - Get a cheap mirror at Target, prop it on a yoga block. Tuck it in the closet when you don't need it.)

Must wear with stompy boots and denim jacket. So distinctive, chic and fun. Love.

Seeing your styling ideas makes me want to try it too. I can envision a lot of styling options for myself, just wary about the silhouette on me! I suppose if I tried it and it looks awful I’d just be out the return shipping cost.

Suz-I love this and you are making me want to try it. The jacket and the boots with it perfection.

Congratulations on your book and the events related to it! Ooooh! The tulle skirt looks like it was custom made for you! Your styling options will be so much fun! I can’t wait to see what you choose!

Especially love #8 and #10 with the jacket and boots!!! It's wonderful.

Love.. love... love it. You look great!!

This is a Serious skirt! Love it to bits!

Keep! It's awesome on you.

Love it!! Cut the tags!

Love it! So special and fab! Plaid Tulle! This is the sort of item that creates unique personal style! Keep and enjoy!

Your smile says it all! Your ability to style it with items you already own says it all too! I love it, you look fab... KEEP.

Love love love. I am having similar trouble to Janet with skirts proofing out too much under the waist, or else I’d copy you. I’m trying to buy few skirts anyway so I will enjoy it vicariously.

More love for this! What a fun statement skirt!!

Such an absolutely fun skirt! I think it looks great with the denim jacket and just about any footwear