We’ve been hybrid back to office (BTO)/ WFH since the beginning of October, and I’ll admit to having trouble adjusting to this new schedule. And while my office was casual before, Athleisure, which wasn’t acceptable before is now so common, jeans and a sweater feels dressed up.

This week I finally think I hit on a couple of outfits that were put together and have some personality and flair. And dare I say it, fashion forward, or at least fashion forward for me.

In addition to working thru the outfit/fashion side, I’m not sure what I want/should do re makeup. In the before times, I wore foundation, blush and lipstick to work everyday. When we went WFH, I stopped wearing any/all makeup. I felt like my skin was better off it. (Side note, I don’t wear any eye makeup as it irritates my eyes and makes them water and I end up wiping it off or wiping it all over my face). Anyway, since BTO I’ve not found the “right” level of makeup, so have ended up not wearing any at all. I’m not sure that’s working for me either. I’ve bought some skin tint which I’m going to try to experiment with. But in all honesty makeup is not something I’m good at, so I’m looking for an easy solution that makes me look natural but helps me look “better’, ie not so washed out, with more even and clear looking skin….probably like looking for a needle in a hay stack lol

Anyway back to WIW…

Tuesday’s outfit turned out to be all things I bought this fall. Thursday outfit was all pre pandemic. Funny, Wasn’t planned that way, it just happened (The jacket in #3 is so old I don’t even have it in my finds)..

Thanks for looking. as always all comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated

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