Jules, you can and should try the green pants. The ones you’ve shown are fab, and would work so well with almost anything but are especially fab with the matching top as shown

Two fabulous outfits. There is nothing wrong with being a little overdressed especially if it helps you feel "office ready" - a reason why I dress up when working from home.

For me dressing up helps me get into the right mental space for work and creates a distinction between the different activities in my day:

  • gear when exercising;
  • work clothes for work;
  • casual clothes for the weekend;
  • party clothes for going out; and
  • lounge wear for hanging around the house.

These outfits are SO GOOD. Those cargo pants are perfect.

These are great outfits! Love those green pants.

You have got your groove back... very cool looks.

I always feel you are fundamentally a fashion forward person, with jeans, pants, footwear especially.

I am similar to Bijou but my work clothes are less dressy, so there is some crossover with work/casual. I do have a few things I save for work only, and a couple of weekend only though.

You look fabulous in your outfits. Those green cargo pants paired with the white shirt, belt and shoes!