By the end of the year I will have travelled overseas 5 times. Italy, Africa, and the Netherlands. I also go to Salt Lake City (SLC) every month with Sam for 10 days to join Greg, who works there half the month. I don't know anyone who travels as much as do at this point! Needless to say that I pack and unpack A LOT, and can put together travel capsules in my sleep. 

I don't share my SLC and travel capsules on the blog anymore because I think it's boring my readership by now. But for those still interested, this is what I am about to pack. See Pic and Finds. EXACT items, and I don't stray from this capsule at all. It's 100% AUTHENTIC, apart from toiletries, electronics, snacks, a cashmere blanket, wardrobe basics, and prezzies that I pack too. 

  • It will be a warm Spring in South Africa (72 to 82 during the day. Cooler at night). Feels like a Seattle Summer. I packed my Spring clothes.
  • We'll be hanging with Greg's parents and his family in a quaint and raw beach town. Monkeys in the trees. Really. 
  • Greg's Mum LOVES yellow, so I have to wear lots of citron, which is fine by me
  • Popping things in the hold - no carry-ons.
  • We can do laundry, but probably won't - although I will wash my travel outfit. 
  • I don't hike or workout when I travel. 
  • Can't believe I'm taking one handbag - but decided to go light.
It takes 2 DAYS to get to South Africa from Seattle. 14 hrs to Dubai. Layover. 10 hrs to Durban. So four of the days is travelling. Have done this trip often and know the drill. I will change into clean undies and top on day #2 of plane travel. This is my travel outfit - new bootcuts and sneaks:

Sam is a little more into helping this time. Leave tomorrow afternoon. Sam will hold the fort at home with the Sam Sitter.