Have a wonderful time in all the cheerful yellow!

Looking forward to all the pics, especially the tree monkeys:) I bet they're almost as cute as Sam! One reason I dont travel much is i hate to leave my furkids, and i miss them terribly when away. And no, we're not bored with your travel capsules!

Have a wonderful trip! I always appreciate seeing your capsules. They are inspiring, and of course beautiful! I really like the blush with citron, which I have not thought to pair before. See, once again, I am inspired!

I too love to see your travel capsules. It is interesting to see which items you take and also your colour combinations. Getting the footwear right is always one of the biggest challenges for me when travelling.

A capsule bright and beautiful, like the lady who will wear it!

Your travel capsules always inspire and delight me, Angie. I especially like your sense of color; it gets me out of my neutral-color zone! That SA flight is a killer, but you will kill back with style and panache. Have fun, and watch out for those monkeys, since Sam won't be there to protect you! My sister got nipped by a baboon when we were at the Cape of Good Hope (fortunately, it nipped her on the pocket of her jeans, so no broken skin).

Wow, I love to travel but that is a loooong flight!

Great capsule, so colorful yet cohesive. I never would have thought about blush with the brights but it looks great! I guess that is why you are the pro. Have a wonderful trip!

Such a happy, bright and sunny capsule for a springtime SA trip. Have a lekker time while you are here and make sure to soak up our African sun before your winter sets in!

Wonderful capsule. So focused. I am a student of packing, but usually my vacations are more of a mix of active stuff and museum-going stuff/ Makes it harder.

Those long flights are killer. Since I'm in NYC, I take advantage of direct flights, though, and have done NYC to Johannesburg (ultimate destination was Botswana) and NYC to Taipei (stopped there then went on to see my friend doing Peace Corps in Indonesia). Those were both epic trips, though. I'm glad my "big" trip this year is to Spain - 7 hours seems easy! I am also likely going to the Bay Area for the holidays.

Gosh, no! I really miss the Friday capsules that went the way of Polyvore, so travel capsules (yours and fabbers) fill that void. This one is lovely.

Have a safe trip, Angie.

Sending thoughts for safe travels and fun times.

OOOOH. You are all SO NICE and LOVELY. Thank you very much. Keep those fashion feet moving and HUGS. xo

I love your travel capsule posts so please keep sharing them. My mantra is to "one day I hope to pack like Angie". As a fellow "wanderluster" I find your travel posts and the analysis/breakdowns very, very helpful. Enjoy your amazing trip! Extra hugs and kisses to Sam (although I realize I am a little late in this post).

Love travel capsules and yours especially!

Just recently “capsuled” to Boston.
But took different things for medical conference than I would for family vacation. Also fly vs drive are different and I have some family trips coming up.

I really should write down my more successful capsules/ combinations and especially incorporating new items, and make different lists for type of trip.

Apropos of “ mood dressing”, I have some options for different outfits, but the main thing is often “ either/or” - choose and commit to an actual capsule that goes together rather than panic at last minute and throw all sorts of stuff in suitcase!

Angie, your travel capsules are NEVER boring me. Quite the contrary. I find them exciting and inspirational.

Lovely colour combo for South Africa. How sweet of you to dress in yellow to please your mother-in-law!

Best wishes for your trip!

I adore your crisp whites and bright colors, Angie. Authentically you.

You will be the toast of SA in those glorious colors. Your packing photo is priceless with darling Sam overseeing everything. Have a wonderful time.

Bon voyage and watch out for hungry BIG pussy cats, crocodiles and quicksand ( everything I know about Africa comes from Tarzan movies ).

Great pieces to make sunny outfits, Angie. Love to see teavel capsules, especially when someone packs as many pairs of shoes as I do! Looks like you had a great trip.