In 2020 I moved from working in a formal office to working from home for myself permanently along with two colleagues. Whilst I loved wearing dressy suits and dresses that were the backbone of my work wardrobe, I am enjoying the opportunity to dress only to please myself - there is a sense of freedom in knowing that I am not compelled to dress a certain way.

I wear some of my former work clothes and have donated a number of items to Dressed for Success. My wardrobe is transitioning from being predominantly dressy to more casual. I am careful to NOT keep buying for my former lifestyle, something that I was guilty of in 2021 as I came to more fully understand my real needs.

I never thought that a military inspired anorak would find its way into my wardrobe. But, I never found one with such lovely embroidery! This is a useful coat because it has a removable faux fur lining and transitions from a light cover up to total windbreaker. I like how I can throw it over a pretty dress and add combat boots and it immediately makes the whole look casual.

Angie's post on Australian retailers made me think I had to wear something by Cue today, so I decided upon a favourite skirt.

Anorak - new purchased on discount from Yoox (RedValentino)
Skirt - Cue (my favourite Australian designer) purchased 2021
Knit - Zara basics range
Boots - XSA purchased 2021
Scarf - Versace, my most worn scarf.

Not shown is my Radley bag that I got for Mother's Day - but that was the perfect finishing touch for my dog Margot's walk. Bonus photo of Margot waiting for her walk!