Jaime - The adjustment is a work in progress. I feel like I am finding my way to retaining my style preferences and being practical. One of the welcome changes is that I am mainly wearing flat shoes and boots.

Kotosutamun - thank you, my scarf is so useful as it has most of the colours that I like to wear.

Have to show you my new Mother's Day Radley from Sam and Jo

Angie that is beautiful and elegant, perfect for you. Sam and Jo also have excellent taste in handbags. Radley chose well with their terrier mascot. I love how your bag has a little golden terrier, just like a Yorkie.

That anorak is fab on you. The embroidery really makes it a piece with your name on it. I will be excited to follow your transition to more casual style. You always have a level of polish about you, and this anorak is a good example of how you maintain that quintessential Bijou look while going more casual.

Thank you! I can look at Radley stuff all day


Sharan - that is really the challenge for me, to find those items that love, but have a more inherently casual look to them. As I have plenty of clothing to wear, it will be a gradual transition. It is nice to have a few pieces like this anorak and my denim jackets to help guide me to where I want to get to.

Angie - Me too! I love my Radley pieces and keep an eye out for their pieces that feature a little white terrier.

All these items look perfect for you. Lovely personal style! And what a charming dog--and bag!

Lovely outfit Bijou! I love your scarf. Margot is so cute.

I, too, am dressing for myself more now that I've been working from home for over two years. I never felt pressured to dress a certain way at work, but I think I was forcing my outfits to try to be unique, or different, all the time. Now, I don't think I will mind so much to repeat outfits, or have a uniform of sorts. Trying to keep things simpler.

Just so cool how you always express yourself in a beautiful, elegant and light-hearted way. That anorak is just terrific on you, as is every other item. Looking forward to seeing whatever you do next in your more casual lifestyle.

The Cat - I was very lucky to find a bag that looked so much like Margot. I always enjoy wearing it.

BlueJay - I think I am a bit of a uniform dresser. When the weather permits, I am often wearing a dress with boots.

ChristelJ - thank you - what a lovely compliment. I do try to keep a certain light hearted element to how I dress.

Ah, it happens to me right now somehow (transitioning to even more casual style).

I just don't understand yet the reason, I didn't worked from home or changed offices but still, I crave all the neutral wrinckly linen and joggers outfit with the popover oversized shirts in the world! I just cannot explain myself the reason???
Love your new aditions and you reminded me I have one chore and one military jacket from several years ago---they will see some light again! It's so hard to pay attention not buying for an older style prefferance---AND/OR not going overboard the new one!:-)
Will follow your threads with great interest (as always)!:-))

Lyn - I will enjoy seeing your style transition too. I am sure your version of dressing with ease is very elegant.