Hi friends,

2019 has been a year of letting go for me. Here's my top five sartorial "nexts" ... what are yours?

1. Worrying about my hooded eyes. Thank you Angie's tightlining technique, photo filters, and diminishing eyesight + lack of magnifying mirror.

2. Worrying about my soft midriff. They don't tell you, when you are first pregnant and excited about your baby bump, that it is NEVER EVER GOING TO GO AWAY. This year, I don't care anymore. I wear crop tops at the gym, don't worry if a top I enjoy clings a little, or get annoyed with children who feel the need to comment on my "squishy" *eye roll*. I recognize that the joy of parenthood is the greatest of my life and not one everyone gets to enjoy. The correct response; therefore, is gratitude. And sometimes Spanx. But mostly gratitude.

3. A Pinterest-worthy capsule. As I've shared elsewhere, if I favour neutral pants, outwear and purses, why does it matter if all my tops match? No one cares about my Pinterest page and no one looks in my closet!

4. Aging. At least as far as style is concerned. My concern is now being as healthy, happy and useful as possible, for as long as possible. As 50 becomes closer than 40, leaving miniskirts behind is a big meh.

5. Getting it "right". My stupid dream of having a wardrobe that would be-perfect-for-all-time has been revealed for its stupidity. The only constant is change. Alas, the Buddha did not exempt dress pants from this particular nugget of wisdom.

Love to know what you're ditching for 2020! xoxox