I don't expect this post to gain much traction during NAS (I don't have and won't get a Nordstrom card, so I'm waiting to see if I can buy a couple of basics), but I'm at a point where I need to write it.

I've written before about how I have small Manhattan space for clothes that's challenging because my tastes are evolving. Well, Angie's recent post about rules we don't need to follow any more solidified so,e of why my tastes are changing:

1. I'm no longer looking for things to be tailored and "flattering" in that What Not to Wear kind of way. I still love the fit and flare dresses and fitted knit tops I have, and don't want to get rid of them all, but I've been drifting towards a looser, more boho style. Also, this summer, I am showing more skin because I don't care anymore about my perceived "flaws." This is a product of getting older and more confident.

2. But the problem really is that I don't want to get rid of all the old stuff. I still wear a lot of it. Yet I can't help being extremely attracted to new stuff. Part of this is poor impulse control (I return a lot of stuff when I see it on me at home) and a need for some kind of creative hobby, and I'm working on both. But in addition to working on my mindset, I would like to find a balance between the old and new - I do need to cull some stuff I still like, or put some of it in storage for later, if I continue to shop. I think this problem may get better once summer is over, as I'm addicted to summer clothes and my fall and winter wardrobe is in good shape (My style change started last fall).

Have any of you ever tried to cull during a style change, without wanting to get rid of all the pieces from your older style? For instance, I'm not wearing a lot of breton stripes right now, but I want to keep at least a few because I know I will reach for that style again. I'm also trying to mix my more classic, fitted pieces with my new more relaxed ones, with varying degrees of success. Any other tips?

PS - this post was brought to you by the fact that I bought a romper after pooh-poohing that style for years. I was pleasantly surprised to find one that was not unflattering on a 37-yo pear shape body. I think the lack of thigh rub will make is a nice alternative to a summer dress, though I wouldn't wear it to work.

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