I hope you'll excuse my sudden rash of posts. I wanted to show you the rest of my "loot" from the other day.

Note, this is not a K/R post. (I figured one skirt of controversy could last us at least a week....what IS it with me and skirts, people? First the butt-vest, now this!!)

Whether or not anybody likes this stuff, I am keeping it -- tags are off. I have really good uses for all of it and that's that.

And here's why:

July is both the hottest and wettest month in [Beijing] with temperatures reaching up to 40C (104 F) during the day accompanied with a moderate rainfall of 185 mm (7 inches). Thunderstorms are frequent along with sudden torrential rain. Due to the high temperatures and humidity, this city has ‘sauna' days towards the end of July (when it is so hot, excessive perspiration leads to soaking wet clothes)

Showing first, the little Loft dress. It is borderline too short for me, I know. Might look a bit "juvenile" in style, as Sveta warned. It is hardly the most figure flattering cut in the world. And it's black and white, not navy and white (which would be more flattering to me). But you know what? I do not care. It is an inexpensive, easy to throw on piece that can be washed in a sink and (might) dry overnight (depending on humidity levels). It won't wrinkle. That is that.

I can't imagine I will ever need that jacket where I'm going, but you get the idea.

Next, the gauze gingham shirt -- 100% cotton and very light. Also I have on the sneakers of controversy in that photo. Are they horrid? Again, I don't care. They are cool, lightweight, they breathe, and they will walk me along the Great Wall.

Finally, the blue and white cotton tee, a semi-replacement for my beloved, damaged linen tee from J. Crew with the blue and white pattern. Oh, I love my summer blue and whites. This one is a total no-brainer for me and I'm lucky they had it in the store. (The Toronto Loft rarely has anything I want -- I've been trying for 3 years to use up a gift card!!)

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