When traveling in high heat and humidity, too much concern for fashion leads only to misery! Comfort is what counts, and if you can find a couple of pretty things that are cool and light, you're golden. I think you've done really well with this collection. I love the swing dress (and I think that this shape, though potentially juvenile-looking on taller, womanly figures, actually looks quite nice on gamine shapes.) I know you'll be glad you brought it. The Loft tee is beautiful, and the white pants & shorts look cool & crisp. Are you at all concerned, thought, that the highly pollluted atmosphere of Beijing might be hard on those whites? I would try to include a pair of dark, thin, loose pants if possible. Air pollution leaves a layer of grime on every surface, and it's no fun to be afraid of sitting down! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Tulle, good point. I'm actually only bringing the white shorts (which wash and dry in the sink). I probably won't bring the white pants but the identical navy pair. Those were in the wash when I was modelling! I would like to bring the pants but fear it would be a lost cause....

You look cool and refreshing in all of these, no surprise there, and while dark blue does suit you, I am not convinced that it's better than black.
I still think you looked especially well dressed in the skirt and top from Club Monaco, and I can't say I agree that the Jones New York skirt was comparable for polish and style.

I've been hit & miss lately on the forum so I missed your others posts. But I love all these items. The dress does not look twee or too short to me. And I especially love it with the jacket which might make it more versatile for at wear when you're not on your hot/humid trip. And I love the sneakers and am going to go investigate them now because I think I need them too! How exciting about your trip.

I absolutely love that dress on you. Super cute!

Love both the tops and how well they pair with white pants n shorts. Everything looks light, breezy and comfortable, with just the right amount of cute thrown in.

You'll be comfortable in these clothes for sure. And I agree with Tulle, in such extreme heat and humidity, comfort reigns supreme. I know....I live in India and we do have freaking hot temperatures with humidity so high you prespire all the time....unless when you're in the AC

I'm glad you finally were able to use up that gift card, Suz. The blue/white print top contrasts so well with your tan in #9 - the perfect summer look.

Love it all. I especially like the dress with the jean jacket. But I like anything with a jean jacket.

Love each and every one of these items and I love how you styled them!

Every piece looks great, but I especially love the dress on you!

Jockey Skimmies are where it's at for short-ish dresses, and to avoid thigh rub. I worried about showing too much, but now I wear dresses all the time- they are easy, and if the Skimmies show, no big deal! Plus no thigh-chafing, which in the past has killed me. I think I first read about them on YLF, but people talk about them in plenty of places. They have a 'wicking' version, but I use the regular ones here in Texas and it is nothing like Beijing, thankfully (well, maybe in Houston- but I'm in Austin!) but it does get hot.

(Diana you mentioned that Boston feels horrible to you... I agree! I'm from there originally and the humidity -- or something-- there makes 90 degrees intolerable, whereas I'm okay in Austin until it gets to 101.)

What a great idea, J.J. Thank you! I'm going to see if the Bay has some of those.

Fab choices, all!! China is HOT in the summer! And the air is not, well, invisible, either.

A lot of women in Shanghai when I was there in July wore swingy dresses like yours. Everywhere we were was air conditioned, but man, oh man, I can't imagine pants if it wasn't!

Yeah, Thistle, I know. The pants are linen, but even so....

I do have shorts to put in the suitcase, but I honestly think a couple of swingy skirts would be best.

Suz.....I was just going to chime in regarding undies as well. I often wear a pair of Elita boy shorts under summer dresses. I like the coverage and you don't get any lines with knit dresses.
Just did a quick search of The Bay for Jockey Skimmies and they have them.....so, you're in business!

Haven't read any replies but wanted to chime in and say I love these pieces. For your travel trip as well as "real life."

As usual I wanna duplicate some items. I blame you and Angie both for my lemming ways!

Somewhere I missed the memo that you are headed to China! Weather aside I am sure it will be a glorious adventure. All of these clothes are perfect for it. I love the dress; it is young but it's not juvenile. And I'm with Lisa; I want that Gingham top too. You look wonderful, Suz.

You got some very nice stuff and I love the way you styled it. For number 8, would you consider leaving the top untucked or just a side tuck?
I think that if you will not have access to a clothes dryer your laundry will not dry in that humidity. Maybe take a few extra things just in case.
Your trip sounds very interesting and fun. Enjoy and have safe travels.

The DH just returned from Beijing two days ago. It's already getting hot and humid so your thinking is right on target! Your wardrobe looks comfortable and travel friendly. Skirts are tough for me also Suz. I somehow missed the butt vest (skirted leggings?) but I liked the recent skirt you posted. It looked swishy and fun.

Great travel capsule, and the dress is fine. Although they might be too much for your trip, the white pants are fantastic. I love the slouchy insouciance!

Wow, that description of Beijing's weather sounds positively awful! I like all of these outfits, especially the dress. It looks cool and comfortable.

Sun, where did you get today fabulous sandals? They seem to be just the thing I need. In your finds they're from Nordstrom, but not available to ship to Canada...
And I love it all - your attitude more than anything else!

We occasionally have days with that sort of weather and it takes things to a whole other level. I think your picks look great and the key is washable. Dress doesn't look too short and I tend to be conservative with that.

No controversy here...totally fabulous and comfortable. Love that dress!

My grey EF sandals you commented on today, though really cute, would be a lot more comfy if the heel was 2" instead of 3" high. I can just wear them for a work day if I don' t have too much walking to do.

Well, Cheryl, you just made me feel a lot better, LOL. At least I don't have to pine for those!

Shevia, look out -- the Zara sale is about to start!! But I am embroiled in a dispute with them re a delivery that never arrived and fear I can't do business with them in the meantime. Woe is me!

Roxanne, i got the sandals at an Ecco store in Toronto. Anyplace in Canada that sells Ecco will probably have them, but not necessarily in silver. My local store had only pale blue and taupe, which were also quite nice, but not what I wanted.

You look amazing in all of these items. Great pieces and even better attitude. I would happily add all of these items to my closet.

Susan- I love your looks and comfort counts. Those Ecco sandals look so good on - I am very tempted, as Ecco is usually just right for my feet. I am consistently a 39 in their shoes, wondering if a 38 is better for the sandals as you and reviews suggest.

For your wonderful trip, do you have a lightweight jacket? Something almost like linen? I bought a super light weight Kut from the Kloth moto jacket this year and throw it on often because it breathes and is a barely there third piece. Washes and air dries quickly. Nordstrom no longer shows it; otherwise I'd try to link it. I have found a light, slightly structured topper helpful in heat and humidity.

Very excited for your trip! Your capsule is fresh, good looking and functional. Just perfect!

I'm so glad you're keeping these, especially the dress! This is the kind of thing I would love so much to wear, but they look AWFUL on me. I think it's the bust, even more than the hips, that trip me up. The dresses just billow out from my bustline and make me look huge and hide everything that is appealing about my figure. Not the case with you! I think it looks exactly like it's supposed to look. I don't see juvenile at all. The length is sufficient to offset that look, and the simple pattern and b&w color scheme keep the vibe in the casual-sophisticated category.