The day before Angie's April Recap Newsletter came out, I was looking at my April outfits and thinking about what a casual dressing month it was. I only wore a skirt a few times the entire month!

April started in the best way possible - with the Boston Meet-up! I had the best time ever, and I learned oh-so-much from Angie and from the other fab YLFers. Here are a few of the things I learned:
1. Don't try to make the garment work for you. It either does or it doesn't, and if it doesn't, move on!
2. A good quality item is worth it. It will last for many years. Buy the best quality you can afford, for it is better to have one item of excellent quality than 5 of OK quality.
Ever the student, I took lots of mental notes during the day we spent with Angie. Early on, I found a very comfy pair of Sam Edelman flats, which I purchased, and a pretty pink Kate Spade bag, which I put back because it had a flaw. Then I hit a wall. Nothing I tried on fit. And then, near the end of the day, at BCBG, I thought, "I can do this. Take what you've learned and apply it." And there it was, I found it, my perfectly fitting blazer!

This post is getting long (my apologies!) so let's get on to the outfits.
#1 - #4 - Yep, I'm on Team Wear (and wear and wear and wear)! #1 - worn with Gap flares and a zebra print belt. #2 - worn with a lace print top. #3 - with windowpane pants. #4 - with Gap flares and an anchor print top. The BCBG saw lots of wear this month

#6 - Traveling pics - Left side was leaving for the Boston Meet-up, right side was Cosmo Edward and I going to Long Island to visit my friend Joanne and his girlfriend Sophie (a yorkie!)

#8 - Worn for Easter. Left side is when I was trying on outfits (hair's not done), and the right side is from the actual day.

#9 - #12 - More casual outfits.

#13 - Dressy skirts made casual with plaid tops.

#14 - #15 - I had already worn #14 when I saw Aida's post WIW 04.25 [neon accents]. #15 was my copy - I tried it three ways - the one on the left is what I actually wore, and the one on the farthest right is what I will wear next. The one in the middle I think the boots need to be lighter.

April was a fabulous, fun filled month. Hopefully it was a good dressing month as well!

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